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FVR’s Quit Call To GMA: Epiphany or Political Play?

December 2, 2009

Former President Fidel V. Ramos:

While the law may not require that she quit her post, Ramos said Mrs. Arroyo should step down in order to level the playing field in the congressional race in Pampanga’s 2nd district. “But can you imagine the fairness of it all?

You, as commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, chief executive with the power of appointment and removal; head of state, head of the government; director of the national budget, including the pork barrel, will run against this little lady here who is an ordinary engineer from Porac or a little mayor… or this guy here.

A sitting President running for a local elective position not only raises the question of “equal protection of the law” and “equal opportunity; it also diminishes the stature of the presidency.

You must be seen by the world, not just by the second district of Pampanga, as acting for the national interest of the republic,” he said, adding that Mrs. Arroyo’s running also erases the value of “unselfishness in public service.

I do not believe Mrs. Arroyo can campaign for her congressional bid and faithfully fulfill her duties as the country’s chief executive at the same time. The presidency is a “full-time job” and requires work for “25 hours a day and eight days a week. As president, maybe you are juggling at least 10 hot potatoes which are national problems and even international developments all at the same time like a juggler.”

Mrs. Arroyo’s  has made “50 visits in Pampanga” while ignoring other provinces, including Maguindanao.

The massacre could not have happened if the President had taken more seriously the situation in the southern province.

I think as President you must know how to focus on certain things, distribute your time, save your energy for the most important devastating problems that could infringe on our national society.

Quite predictably Malacanang through the lap-doggisd elecion lawyer named Romulo Malalintal is pooh-poohing FVR ‘s call.

And I suspect even the rapibly anti GMA are muttering that they’ve hear Ramos’ song before.

So I ask FVR, have you had an epihany dear Sir?

Is your statement a nudge to certain elements of civil society and even the restive military, and police?

Pray tell us if your words  presage actiion?

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