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Running For Office Just-For-The-Fund-Of-It: Public Coffers In Jeopardy

December 2, 2009

Call me biased, jaded or simply stupid.

But reading the report from the COMELEC that  99 individuals have filed Certificates of Candidacy (COCs) to run for President comes like a slap on my sensibilities.

Don’t get me wrong.

I do not presume to have the ability to  peer into the hearts of the wannabes.

Now there is  the newly promulgate Supreme Court decision says appointed public officials do not have to resign if they file COCs.

In fact, even the honourable Secretary of Justice is taking advantage of the SC ruling.
But I cannot, fopr the life of me, banish the thought that not a few of the wannabees are running ‘just-for-the-fund –of-it.

Yes, no typo there: JUST-FOR THE-FUND-OF- IT.

I’m not saying those candidates holding public office will raid the public coffers or parlay their office to exert undue advantage over their rivals but that’s a distinctkt ominous po possibility, isn’t it?


Yes, by way of milking targeted campaign contributors in exchange for implied favors if and when with the wannabees to get elected.

Let’s not think about just those appointed public officials in the civilians agencies of government.
How about those in the military?

What grates is how even or court of last resort is the willing accomplice in this enterprise: RUNING FOR PUBLIC OFFICE JUST FOR THE FUND OF IT!!!

This is without doubt a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER.

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