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Maguindanao Martial Lifted After One Week

December 12, 2009

Malacanang has pulled the rug from under the Senate and the House of Representatives with the lifting of one-week-old Proclamation 1959 ahead of the resumption tomorrow of the two chambers joint session.

As correctly disclosed by highly placed sources to At Midfield last December 9, Pres. Arroyo went on to approve the latest recommendations of her Cabinet’s national security cluster.

Aside from the bases cited in the lofting of Proclamation 1959 (including the restoration of local government functions and the criminal justice system in Maguindanao), the Arroyo administration rightly understands that it has nothing more to gain from prolonging the first ever invocation of martial law since 1972.

The lifting of Proclamation 1959 now moots all the 7 cases filed in the Supreme Court questioning both the factual and legal basis for the edict.

The state of emergency earlier declared in Maguindanao remains while the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus has been restored.

All’s well that ends well?

Not really.

We’ll have to see how the rebellion cases against the Ampatuans and their followers will proceed.

Government insists the multiple murder charges stemming from the November 23 Ampatuan, Maguindanao massacre “will not be compromised or subsumed in the rebellion cases.”

We must vigilantly watch what really does happen next.

We must also see if the vaunted dismantling of other existing private armies down South will continue to the public’s long-desired conclusion.
Ningas cogon cannot rear its ugly, murderous head once again.

The military also still must fully explain how the Ampatuans appear to have had full access to the national arsenal, stockpiling hundreds if not thousands of high caliber weapons, plus hundreds of thousands of rounds of military ammo.

Accountabilities cannot be forgotten or glossed over with the Maguindanao misadventure having unraveled.

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