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Martial Law ‘Fears’, Christmas Hopes

December 12, 2009

I’m so used to Sen. Miriam Santiago flailing away verbally at her perceived and actual enemies.

I also am hard put, oftentimes, to understand if she’s an enemy of Malacanang or a collaborator (also given her husband’s work as ‘revenue generator of the regime).

But it being the weekend, I’ll take her word about Proclamation 1959 at face value
Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago:

The [incidents] of more lawlessness and violence in areas near Maguindanao are part of a script. I have reason to believe these are not random developments. They’re not just happening.

I believe there is a conspiracy to prepare the ground for a bolder martial law, perhaps to cover the entire country. The President knows that the public will immediately suspect her, and she is not hoping to risk her candidacy in Pampanga for public outrage.

It is also possible that Ms Arroyo might be under pressure from some of the suspects I mentioned:  the powerful Ampatuan clan believed responsible for the Nov. 23 massacre of 57 persons, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), a “cabal” supported by a group of military officials including the defense and interior secretaries, and “a new RAM” in the military.

Defense Secretary Norberto Gonzales:

What I can assure you from my end [is that] if I make recommendations, we will not have martial law one day longer than necessary.

Armed Forces Chief of Staff Gen. Victor Ibrado:

We will never do that to create a scenario. For what? In the first place, why will we do that? I can tell you I will not allow anything like that to be done by anyone.

Who among the three personalities should we believe.

None of the above, I say.

Better to wait for their words to be matched by action as Christmas week unfolds.

With bated breath then: Merry Christmas y’all.

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