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Oppositionist Joey De Venecia Warns Of A “No President Scenario” If Automated Polls Fail

December 16, 2009

It’s not just the spectre of no elections that Filipinos should be concerned about next year.

Opposition senatorial aspirant Joey De Venecia correctly observes that “a no president scenario” can actually present itself if there s a failure of national elections “caused by the ill-timed and ill-managed full computerization of the May 2010 elections.”

“Having been in the IT industry for more than two decades, I cannot see how the Comelec can hold the May 2010 elections without major glitches taking place,” de Venecia, a senatorial bet of the Pwersa ng Masa, told At Midfield.
said yesterday.

De Venecia points out:

The machines are not yet ready, there has been no trial run, and there are not enough qualified personnel to handle the voting machines.

Even Gloria Arroyo’s endless lust for power cannot stop the elections from taking place.

But she can and will move heaven and earth to keep power at all cost. She can dictate to certain Comelec commissioners – like Virgilio Garcillano back in 2004 — who to ‘help’ or not.

This sets the stage for the non-declaration of the winners among the presidential, vice presidential and senatorial candidates.

The opposition stalwart fleshes out the danger thus:

It is very possible that only winning congressional, mayoral and gobernatorial  bets will be declared in some areas. And with Gloria Macapagal Arroyo bulldozing her way to become representative of the second district of Pampanga, she could be poised to assume the post of Speaker of the House of the next Congress.

There will be no break between the Arroyo presidency and the Arroyo caretaker government.

Whoever wins among the top three opposition candidates for president – be it the Pwersa ng Masa’s Joseph Estrada, the Liberal Party’s Noynoy Aquino or the Nacionalista Party’s Manny Villar – may never get to take his oath as president before the Gloria Arroyo-led House convenes as a constituent assembly and fast-tracks charter change.
This may have been her plan all along.

With 61 percent of Filipinos not understanding the mechanics of poll automation, the young de Venecia said the chances of a failure of elections are high. The Comelec, however, can still declare winning bets at the local level, including the House of Representatives.

With just a handful of congressmen and women declared winners, it will be easy enough for Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to buy her way to the Speakership.

In the absence of a new president, vice president and Senate president, the next in line in the constitutional order of succession is the Speaker of the House.

Gloria Arroyo will move from president, to acting president, to prime minister.


The picture that the opposition senatorial bet is so grounded on present events that this writer thinks the danger is indeed stark as it is plausible.

The COMELEC has all but jobbed-out its constitutional mandate to Smartmatic which has even been reported by Chairman jose Melo as saying expensive shipping costs will force sa delay in its delivery of committed precincyt count optical scan PCOS machines.

Who’s minding the store we must ask?

Already some PhP 11,2-B is being paid to Smartmatic.

It appears to be setting the stage to ask for escalated contract costs.!!!

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