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Of Innocence Lost And Wounded Soul

December 19, 2009

If there was ever a time in recent Philippine history that our society saw its ‘innocence’ shattered and its ‘soul’ wounded it must be 2009.

As we welcome the final year of the new millennium’s first decade, it’s important to weigh what we’ve los.

But we must also try to understand what motive insight can be gained draw, albeit painfully, from the string of killer storms that ravaged our land, the interminable political scandals and squabbling, and most of all, the mindless murders down South, and the almost daily vigilante killings in Northern Metro Manila and Davao.

Will 2010 allow our wounds to heal somewhat and along with it, help us recover a bit of our innocence lost?

Replenished by hope and good cheer.

The Good Book teaches us how The Father gave his only begotten Son to was our sins away with hs Sacred Blood.

But might I add, we ourselves must use free will to turn things around for the better, for our salvation to truly come.

Do this, we must.

(The opus above, Maria Ina ng Banal na Puso ni Hesus, is by Maestro Joey Velasco.)

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