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The NBI And Its Yuletide ‘Guest’

December 21, 2009

I’m biting my tongue as I blog after hearing the report that the lady judge handling the multiple murder cases in the Maguindanao massacre has given word the hearings will have to wait till the New Year.

The announcement means that the main suspect Datu Unsay Maguindanao town mayor Andal Ampatuan Junior will mark the holidays in his NBI cell that’s quite a departure from his clan’s palatial villas In Davao and Maguindanao.

This is unChristian but I think that recent media images of Andal Junior have elicited little sympathy.

Match the once all-powerful political warlord’s yawns and canine-line smile during the December 17 Justice Department preliminary probe into the murders with the undiminished anguish of the relatives of the 57 fatalities in the November 23 crime.

Add to this the report that the ampatuans have engaged the service of 40 defense lawyers led by top-notch attorney Sigfrid Fortun and his rumoured PhP20-M acceptance fee.

No one also cares that Andal Jr. even tripped as the manacled suspect was entering the DOJ flanked by NBI agents.

There’s also been no indication that the mayor-turned multiple murder suspect is worried that the crimes imputed against him are non-bailable as Fortun told the court his client was waiving his right to present a counter affidavit during the preliminary investigation.

Just another day for Ampatuan and Fortun I guess.

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