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GMA, Governance, And Her Hong Kong Side Trip

December 24, 2009

We’ve been told that Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is back in town from her jaunts in Copenhagen for that climate change conference and her family jaunt in Hong Kong.

Malacanang has even reported that she decided not to join her family at Hong Kong Disneyland so she could fly to Albay to hand out visibly token loot bags of ‘relief aid’ to the Mayon eruption evacuees.

But it’s obvious those are photo-opp images given how the Albay provincial government is already well on top of the situation, working for ‘zero casualties’ if Mayon’s ‘big boom’ does come.

Malacanang has obviously been jarred by criticism of the Arroyo’s Hong Kong vacation with the spokesman names Gay Olivar even deriding critics as “having small minds.”

Well, as opposition senatorial bet, IT businessman Joey De Venecia rightly observes:

The Philippines is like a ship without a rudder. Mrs. Arroyo can take as many vacations as she wants once she becomes a private citizen. The Philippine presidency is a full time job and she knows this.

De Venecia’s discomfiture comes in the wake of today’s unexplainable collision in Manila Bay of passenger ferry and a fishing boat where at least 27 persons are reported missing.

While the Coast Guard is supposed to directly oversees the safety of inter-island shipping, DeVenecia says this latest mishap “points to the executive departent’s to the country’s weak enforcement of safety regulations as one of the principal causes of deadly maritime accidents in the Philippines”.

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is partly to blame for the loss of life resulting from yet another sea accident Instead of taking a vacation in Hongkong, she should be performing her job as president of the Philippines.

The son and namesake of former Speaker Jose de Venecia told At Midfield Mrs. Arroyo “could be held criminally liable for abandoning her work.”

De Venecia says he expects Mrs. Arroyo “to shed her crocodile tears and extend her condolences to the victims of the Manila Bay tragedy.”

He says he’s not blaming the Coast Guard for the incident since “the entire government bureaucracy takes its lead from the top.”

Gloria Arroyo is focused on one thing and one thing alone – to stay in power beyond her term. She should just retire and enjoy the company of her grandchildren, instead of forcing herself on the people who have long lost faith in her failed and corrupt-ridden administration,

Methinks the observations mirror the sentiments of many Filipinos

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