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Giving Gloria A Political Teflon Coating

January 2, 2010

Congressional candidate Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has started a psywar push against her detractors more than a full month ahead of the 90-day campaign period for the May 10 elections.

Mrs. Arroyo’s term as President  runs out at noon of June 30, but thanks to the recent Supreme Court ruling incumbent officials seeking elective office are now allowed to campaign without resigning

It is patently immoral, but now that it’s legal no one cares!!!

Talk about having a level playing field in the polls.
So now we have the so-called presidential spokesman on economic affairs talking like GMA’s campaign manager and using the old tack of giving his boss a political Teflon coating:

Gary Olivar :

From the evidence, [her critics are] trying to cultivate bashing as a cottage industry and their principal source of livelihood.

The President has never been distracted. She’s single-minded in her job. She wasn’t distracted in the last nine years; she won’t be distracted in her last six months.

In her remaining months, the President hopes to complete infrastructure projects, monitor electronic voting in the May elections, properly calibrate stimulus spending vis-à-vis the global economic recovery, and ensure the signing of a peace agreement with the secessionist Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

She would love a peace agreement signed in Mindanao before she steps down. The quicker we can achieve lasting peace, the fewer incidents [like the Nov. 23 massacre of 57 people in Maguindanao] we should see in the future.

It’s not hard to see how Mr. Olivar, who likes to be called ‘Prof’, as my sources tell me, lapdoggishly regurgitates  Mrs. Arroyo’s vaunted work ethic while previewing the issues his candidate will stump on in the second district of Pampanga.

One issue stands out of course: the intent to “complete infrastructure projects.”

No wonder there was a report several days back about how the DPWH budget for 2010 was padded by some PhP 30-B.

The administration’s favoured contractors are already tallying up thei gazllions in unmoderated kickbacks!!!

BTW, my Palace ears are talking in loud whispers about Malacanang  functionary who drives around in a private sedan with the sign “Priority Government Project. DO NOT DELAY”.

This influence peddling stunt must surely be more effective than those security plates that government executives use.

Only in the Philippines!!!

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