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Filipinos And The SocNet Phenomemon

January 9, 2010

Filipinos are the world’s unchallenged ‘texters.
And quite probably we are among the most fanatical ‘socnetters’ this side of the globe.

Socnets are, of course the rave of the internet: the humongous subset called the social networking web sites: Multiply, Friendster, Facebook, Flixtr, Hi5 plus the equally popular and thoroughly addictive micro-blogging sites and Twitter.

FaceBook, in particular, has enamored Filipinos of all social stations and political stripe with upwards of 5,000,000 virtually-connected friends!

The virtual communities cross national boundaries with long-lost friends, and perhaps lovers, finding each other after eons of separation and non-contact.
This is not an overstatement.

Reunions aside surely the most addictive facet of FaceBook is people ‘friend’ one another on the basis of avatars, those profile picture bearing imagined or aspirational personas, childhood pictures, and yes, their true-age looks.
So it was that new friendships were forged face to face the other day at Podium Mall’s Banana Leaf resto!

This ‘founding’ batch of what we whimsically dubbed The United Colors of Filipino FaceBook Friends brought together the Yellows, Oranges, Greens, and perhaps Greys of the current Filipino political landscape.

What a fun, albeit noisy, gathering it was as we partook of Peninsular Malaysia and Thai cuisine.

If you were there you know who you are my new friend/s.

One thing we are promised one another: there will be more and more sessions, with political partisanship left at the door and good, even naughty humor, always cocked (pun intended) ready to be unleashed!!!

The next venue we will ‘invade: Market Maarket.

Mabuhay Ang UCFFF (United Colors of Filipino FaceBook Friends), Mabuhay Ang Pagkakaiisa!!!

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