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Are ‘President Erap 2.0 And ‘Speaker’ Gloria Coming?

January 13, 2010

Former President |Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada certainly felt surreal as he bounded up the main staircase of the Executive Office building of Malacanang and walked into Heroes Hall for the meeting of the National Security Council.

It was the latest attempt of his successor, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to placate public distrust about the coming elections and her commitment to keep the balloting honest, unlike that 2004 and 2007 elections.

But the cast for the unity-among-statesmen ‘show’ was incomplete.
Estrada’s predecessor and former avid GMA ‘protector’, former President Fidel ‘FVR’ Ramos failed to attend supposedly because “the invitation came late.”

FVR obviously no longer wants to play the role of patron and deodorant for the widely unpopular lady chief executive.

Still and all, short of their signing a covenant, Estrada and Arroyo deserve some credit for the photo-opp.

Joseph Estrada:

It’s something new to me because before it was GMA who used to be seated to my right. Now I was the one seated to her right.

Press Secretary Cerge Remonde:

The fact that the former President, who’s admittedly very popular, attended and actively participated (in the meeting), is a very good symbol of unity toward a common purpose which is the success of elections.

No one missed the irony, I hope:

Estrada is saying it’s his “destiny to reclaim the presidency.”

His 6-year term, won with a 40-percent plurality in the 1998 election, was cut short in 2001 by a military-backed EDSA 2.0 and called by the Supreme Court as a ‘constructive resignation’.

His subsequent conviction on charges of plunder sent the ousted President to a brief  ‘Tanay resthouse imprisonment (cut by the pardon swiftly granted by Arroyo).

Mrs. Arroyo is ending her questioned term at nooo of June 30,aving survived several impeachment attempts.

But she’s is seen as plotting to retain a  ‘back door hold on power’ via her candidacy to become congresswoman of her province and ‘be selected by her peers as House Speaker.

I wonder if she thinks it’s also ‘her destiny’ to continue inflicting her brand of governance on the Filipino people?

So are we, in turn, ‘destined’ to have Estrada as President (again) and GMA as Speaker??

Please God,NO!!!

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