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A Mother’s Agony, And The Road’s End For Jason, The ‘Gangsta MTV Star’ (Retitled, Updated)

January 19, 2010

Robert Frost once said, “you don’t have to deserve your mother’s love.”

I don’t know who Jason Ivler’s father is.

But his mother, Marlene, has certainly put everything she has at risk if, according to the NBI, she has harboured her fugitive son in their house at # No. 23 Hillside Drive Blue Ridge, Quezon City all these past two months that authorities have been looking to arrest him.

ABS-CBN’s Ces Orena Drilon profiles Marlene Aguilar:

His crime: the alleged murder of another young man, Renato Victor Ebarle, in  a mindless explosion of unprovoked road rage 61 days ago.

Renato Victor, 27, was the only son of Presidential Chief of Staff Undersecretary Renato Ebarle Jr.

Having been cornered yesterday in a secret room in the Ivler home, Jason let loose a barrage of automatic weapons fire against NBI agents until he was wounded and subdued.

But not before he injured Anna Lira Labao of the NBI Intelligence Service Division and Atty. Julito Magno, head of the NBI Special Action Unit. Both are now out of danger.

NBI Director Nestor Mantaring:

Ivler had a baby armalite and a bandolier. He just started shooting but he was also shot. Before he was shot, at least two operatives were hit.  Ivler was hiding in a storeroom when he started shooting at the NBI agents. Mrs. Marlene Aguilar was mother was in a separate room when the shooting started. We have information that Jason never left the house. They have already raided the house twice before but never found him.
Ivler sustained gunshot wounds to the right shoulder and left upper abdomen and was rushed to the Quirino Memorial Medical Center.

Dr. Fernando Lopez, QMMC chief of surgery:

The patient has been stabilized and his vital signs are OK at the moment. He’s currently under general anaesthesia. The bullet went through his abdomen and pierced his large intestine.

Doctors say Ivler  he will  have to undergo surgery to remove his spleen.

Jason’s mother and stepfather, Asian Development Bank economist Stephen Pollard Pollard, now also faces charges of harbouring an accused along with wife Marlene, sister of musician Freddie Aguilar.

The Ivler family in happier times

Ivler, an American citizen, faced a homicide charges in August 2004 for the death presidential adviser Nestor Ponce, Jr.

He jumped bail and reportedly slipped out of the country with the help of rogue police men only to return undetected sometime ago to claim his second victim.

This time he must certainly put under tighter guard, beyond the reach of his former police coddlers who reportedly an active duty colonel, and  uncle, who right in Camp Crame.

That’s another angle awaiting serious investigation.


The ‘gangsta’ music video of Jason Ivler is racking up thousands of ‘views’ on YouTube as the alleged murderer lies in a hospital bed recovering from the gunshot would he sustained while attempting to fight off the posse of NBI agents who cornered him at their home.

The MTV gives a glimpse into the mind of the lost youngster.

The video portrays him as an aspiring recording artist who decidew to hijack the delivery truck bearing his own music CD.

The mishmash of images projects Jason’s dream of being an entertainment celebrity enjoying life and success in the company of friends.

But the MTV gives viewers a disturbing glimpse of his rebellious dark side with the quirky rationale that if his misdeed didn’t really harm anyone, it not really a crime at all.

Tragically, Jason has seemingly lived out his dream, but this time attaining notoriety as a criminal with not one but two deaths on his bloody hands.

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