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Enrile Calls Villar A Coward Over C5 Road Mess

January 20, 2010

Given his age and experience, it takes a lot before Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile gets mad.

But it seems he’s had enough of Senator Manny Villar’s ‘dedma’ tactics in the Senate investigation into his alleged conflict of interest in the controversial the C-5 road extension project, with the rerouted C-5 road passing through his real estate in Las Piñas City.

The last straw for Mr. Enrile was the lack of quorum engineered by the allies of Villar as the Committee of the Whole was supposed to hear and vote onEnrile’s report.

Enrile waited for an hour before he opened the session at past 4 p.m., with only 10 senators in attendance.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile:

The absence of 12 senators, including Villar and most of his allies, at the session shows there is an effort to prevent the chamber from taking up the ethics case against the senator.

I will call it for what it is. I think there is an effort to prevent the consideration of the committee report on the case of Senator Villar. For what reason, each one can guess. The obvious I think is loud and clear. Villar and his allies don’t want the public to hear what is contained in the report.
Don’t be a coward (in reference to Sen. Villar). If he wants to be president, he should be man enough. If he’s like that, I will tell the nation not to vote for him because he is a coward.
I don’t care if there is a coup. They could always unseat me. So what. I’m not clinging to this position.

Committee Report No. 780:

Sen. Villar engaged in improper and unethical conduct when he did not declare a conflict of interest in the P200-million C-5 road project and the rerouting of the road to benefit his real estate empire.

The  Senate committee of the whole recommends the censure of Villar and asked that he  return to the public coffers P6.2 billion, consisting mostly of what the government had spent for the diversion of the road.

The committee report was supposed to be taken up in the plenary after 12 senators, more than half of the current 22 members of the chamber, had signed it.

It is now likely that the matter will no longer be acted upon in the 5 remaining session days of the Senate.

Mr. Villar claims he’s being pilloried for political reason while refusing to present his own evidence to refute the allegations.

Methinks the gentleman from Las Pinas apparently feels he’s not accountable to anyone and that he’s sure of winning the elections!

Cowardice or arrogance?

Take your pick..


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