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Will ‘Winged’ Voters And The Dead Get To Vote On May 10? (3rd Update)

January 20, 2010

A red flag from the Commission on Elections:

The nefarious practice of voter-for-hire a.k.a flying voters is alive and well despite the use of biometrics in the registration of voters and the upcoming automated elections.

The COMELEC says it has uncovered more than 300,000 double registrants or voters who registered at least twice for the 2010 elections.

Comelec Commissioner Rene Sarmiento says the agency’s barangay affairs and information and technology departments discovered the multiple registrants after auditing biometrics records of some 10 million registered voters in the National Capital Region, Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao, Central Luzon and Calabarzon.

It was further discovered that 43,902 individuals were daring enough to register multiple times, with some of the voters possibly using the old style of addresses.

The flying voters are obviously not at all worried by the prospect of being jailed from 1 to 6 years if convicted of their crime.

Why not since  such a slap on the wrist is nothing since first offenders would fall under the probation law?!?!

We must condemn and act against brazen attempts to undermine even the digital voter listing system has to be seen in the wider context of our elections being continually bastardized, and public will being thwarted by the cheaters and their corrupt political patrons.


2nd Update:

There’s now reliable word circulating that voters who’ve been able to register more than once can get away with casting ‘flying votes’.

Paging the Commission on Elections:

The biometrics control operates only on the registration system which is not linked to the PCOS balloting machine.

The machine has no way of checking the identity of the voter and therefore unauthorized ballots can still be fraudulently marked and read.

The only safeguard against “winged” voters is the supposedly indelible ink smeared on the forefinger.

The ink mark serves no defense at all if the BEIs themselves breaks this antiquated security system.

A completely biometric balloting system, i.e., the use of fingerprints and/or facial snapshot for both registration and voting, , called “Botong Pinoy”, was among the proposals submitted, but COMELEC opted for the older and more traditional OMR, or the mark and scan technology.

There are other loopholes in the system, e.g., human intervention performed in secluded offices of COMELEC would be required in cases of failure of online transmission of results to preferred site or central server.

Whenever human factor is involved in manipulating computer files, the possibility of fraud exists. But the real danger scare is the failure of elections due to major lapses in the implementation schedule attributable to delays in machine deliveries and questionable software.

2 months after I last first updated this, the Parish Pastoral Council for Resposible Voting is raising the alarm that some 40,00- double registrants have been found in Davao City and Davao del Sure ALONE!!

The COMELEC is admitting sheepishly that defects in the biometric voters ID System are to blame, the system that it acquired for a whopping P 1.6B!

It’s looking like more than oters long dead and those with wings will be able to vote but perhaps even the birds and the bees!!!

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