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The May 20, 2010 Elections: A Look-Ahead As Day 2 Of Field Tests Spell Trouble (Retitled, Updated)

January 28, 2010

If everything goes well, May 10, 2010 should go down in Philippine history as the moment Filipinos turn their back on dirty elections.

People power uprisings protesting Dagdag Bawas  and other wholesale electoral cheating operations fuelled by money, greed, and more greed will be consigned to the history book as painful lessons.

The Commission on Elections assures us there is 99 percent certasinty that the national automated vote count WILL NOT FAIL.

I will suspend my doubts for now.

Here’s how the May 10 balloting is expected to proceed:

1st Update:

The first dsy o the field test in Metro Manila “went generally well,” according to COMELEC.

But now this:

Field tests conducted by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Friday morning failed due to weak cellular site signals in two areas in Taguig City.

A radio dzMM report said the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machine at the Makarlika Elementary School failed to transmit counted votes to the municipal board of canvassers and the poll body’s central office.

The report said that according to Comelec officers, the PCOS machine could not transmit the votes because 3 telecommunications companies — Globe, Smart and Sun — had weak mobile signals in the area.

It added that the election officers changed SIM cards for 40 minutes, but still failed to complete the transmission.

In a separate report, ABS-CBN correspondent Ina Reformina said the field test conducted at the Taguig City Elementary School yielded the same result.

This is portentious, to say the least.

The COMELEC and its technology supplier, Smartmatic have obviously not done their homework inidentifying the areas where the celluar mobile signals of competing Smart and Globe yelecoms are dependable.

This is exactly why many Filipinos have two if not three SIMS along with primary and back-up cellphone units.

Facebook threads this morning were also reporting how it took quite a while for even the GBAN Global Area Network satellite data uplinks provided by Smartmatic “could not penetrate trees and other structures blocking what is called ‘line of sight’ signal from the GBAN transmitter.

I’m beginning to seriously wonder how the system will work on election day with all clustered precincts loading the data network will fare.

Today’s events are red flags needing immediate attention!

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