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An Open Letter To Candidate Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III

February 7, 2010

Dear Mr. Senator Noynoy,

Allow me the liberty of calling you by your nickname.

As you turn into ‘gold’  on your 50th summer  Filipinos are betting on you becoming this land’s 15th Prezident –  aA Presudent with a fresh, unquestioned electoral mandate, a mandate quite unlike the woman you are succeeding.

I realize you feel burderned.

Not only are you embarking on a task that your recently deceased mother took on in the aftermath of the Philippines world-inspiring people power revolt.

Your father’s martyrdom enabled Filipino to rediscover their commitment to democratic institution that the dictatorship left in tatters.

Your mandate, should you obtain it in our first ever computer-saided voting system, will allow the Philippines to vanquish the demon of Dagdag Bawas.

Yours will be a mandate  clothed with the political capital that you can expend to fight corruption, a mandate that can open the path to  effective and responsible governance, a mandate that can bring progress that trickles do to our poor toiling masses.

The news reports this weekened quote you as saying:

I really cannot focus on myself now and only The One who knows all things can say what will happen to me, and that includes getting married.

So how can one be selfish and think only about himself? I was talking to one of my friends and we said sometimes it could really be tiring. You want to just smash your head into the wall.

But you cannot turn your back on what you had seen all throughout your life.

So when (people) come knocking and say you still have to do something, there is no way you can say no.

You ask me about personal matters growing up. What I experienced was how it was being pressured (by the government) because my father was in the opposition.

Even their gardener, my nanny, and my father’s bodyguard were detained and tortured because of their connection to the Aquinos.

I will continue my advocacy for a corruption-free government.

Recovering the P280 billion lost in corruption every year would make a big difference in the lives of Filipinos.

I was in North Cotabato and saw the airport there still unfinished. It will only cost P100 million, such a small amount compared to what we lose to corruption.

Thank you for making these ‘sacrifices’, Sen. Noy.

But talk is cheap.

I will paiently wait for those words to turn into action.

A final note – weeks ago you promised to tell  Filipinos you would decide on how to resolve the Gacienda Luisita Grarian reform promblem in a just and fair manner.

Have you forgotten yours?

Is this the same fate that awaits your other campaign promises?

If this is so, it may be best that you don’t make Ms. Shalani Soledad wait too long.

Happy birthday po.

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