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Where In The World Is Ping Lacson? (Updated)

February 9, 2010

He once was the country’s top police officer.

He’d even run, and lost, in a presidential run that saw friends in the Filipino-Chinese community contributing heavily to his political war ches in greaful acknowledgement of his help in rescuing their loved ones from the clutches of kidnap for for ransom gangs.

He’d gotten embroiled in the alleged summary execution of the dreaded Kuratong Baleleng Gang.

But beyond all these, Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson was the biggest ‘castigator’ of controversial First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo.

Now, Senator Lacson is a fugitive from the law, tagged for his alleged role in the murders of publicist Bubby Dacer and Dacer’s driver, Emmanuel Corbito.

Quite disturbingly, instead facing the music, Lacson has fled abroad and sent word that he didn’t expect a fair trial.

A source close to Lacson is even quoting him as saying he “will return only when a fairer administration has replaced the present dispensation.”

This just doesn’t wash, Senator Ping.

No matter that the judge who signed the arrest warrant against you is among the applicants for appointment (RTC judge Myra Fernandez) to the Court of Appeals.

You must. in fact, be demanding your day in court disprove the evidence of the prosecution.

I will grant even that you did not mastermind the killings.

But your assertion that former President Estrada knew about the Dacer abduction  is the biggest untruth.

What has already surfaced is you learned of the involvements of Cesar Mancao, Michael Ray Aquino  and Glen Dumlao.

The fact that you gave them instructions to leave the country is an admitted fact.

How then can you evade suspicions that you aided and abetted an attempt to cover up the murders.

Peace of mind will not come whether you’re on an island or amidst hundreds of million of Chinese

Come home, Senator Lacson.

Prove your innocence and salvage whatever political credibility you have left.


It’s been 5 weeks since I wrote this and now the NBI says it has confirmed that Sen. Lacson’s last known location is Rome.

It comes as no surprise that the Senator, well skilled and schooled  in police work is employing the tactic he knows best: he is continually moving aroung, traveling incognito and likely sporting a disguise.

Online tongue-in-cheek posts have even suggested that the former national police chief is traveling as a Kathoey, a cross-dressing trasvestite.

This is most hurting a description.

But I now believe that Ping Lacson will considering returning to Manila when and only when a new, popularly elected government is in place.

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