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The Circus Comes To Town

February 10, 2010

The 90-day campaign period for the May 10 elections kicked off yesterday and not surprisingly Filipinos were treated to a tapestry of images:

  • A two-hectare rendition of the national tri-color  juxtaposed with the washing of the feet;
  • A traditional political bandwagon motorcade and a launching rally at  historic Plaza Mirand;
  • Yet another motorcade, but this one in Calamba, Laguna – the birthplace of national hero Jose Rizal intended to evoke a commitment to heroic ideals;
  • A motorcade featuring an imitation of Opmipus Prime – team leader of robots able to reconfigure themselves as non-human fantasy heroes; and
  • A prayerful moment before a martyred father to star-off a traditional walkabout, pressing  flesh with adoring supporters;
  • Then there was the exiting administration party’s ticket staging its kick-off rally up in Antipolo, in contrast to its cellar-level popularity ratings

    So whatever your political persuasions, the contrasting activities would fill you with hope about the future, hitching your hopes on the promises of change for the better and avowals of forswearing corruption – of sincere service and self sacrifice for God and Country.

    The challenge for us all in the next three months:

    to cut through the mesmerizing presence of star endorsers, the quick-to-consume material dole-outs, and the too-pristine-to-be-true political adverts that surround the candidates with bling while sharing little about their true programs of change and good governance.

    Little wonder that many see the campaign period as being akin to the circus coming to town rather than opportunities to intelligently select, and elect leaders with true vision for a better Philippines.

    So keep your BS detectors finely tuned and hope that you are able to cut through the political crap.

    Who knows, you might find the real deal.

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