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A 2nd Open Letter To Candidate Gilbert Teodoro

February 19, 2010

Dear Mr. Secretary,

I am writing this second letter to tell you about a creeping conviction that you are, indeed, perhaps the best qualified to be our next President.

I was just listening to your interview on DZMM radio and reviewing the account of her talk before the pro-Aquino Makati Business Club.

As well-crafted platforms go, I have little argument with yours.

You are reported to have said that your business agenda is focused on

•    Providing financial assistance farmers who will be affected by El Niño (extreme heat and little rain), mechanizing farming processes, and efficiently implementing land reform
•    rewarding business-friendly, environmentally-friendly and managerially-advanced national and local government agencies; and, reforming the civil service process to include non-degree expertise
•    institutionalizing the independence of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, simplifying the tax process and improving tax collection
•    using 100 days of goodwill to attract investors; and building a logical network of long-term infrastructure.

My inclination to vote for you is, however,  sadly dampened or even canceled out by your inability to say exactly what type of governance we will have with this scenario: you as President and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as Speaker.

A government anchored on debt of personal gratitude (utang na loob) and a House of Representatives rubber-stamping actions by a majority beholden to not one but two birds of the same feather?

Finally, if only to educate us about where you sincerely stand, perhaps you share your thoughts on these:

•    National security as it relates to the insurgencies, and RP-US relations;
•    Reproductive health;
•    Social justice as it relates to agrarian reform;
•    The state of public education and the academic skills of our youth compared with our neighbour countries;
•    The business climate and foreign investments as these relate to the national patrimony; and
•    The fight against corruption as it relates to the civil service and local governments.

Salamat po.

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