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Albader Parad Is Dead; Will This Spell The ASG’s End?

February 21, 2010

The military is confirming first reports that it was the devilish Abusayyaf Group leader, Albader Parad, who was finally killed in the latest encounter  government troops had in Maimbung, Sulu with the kidnap for ransom terrorist gang.

No doubt this IS a big, big victory.

But one must ask: does this finally write finis to the murderous, fund raising exploits of this gang which has long been derided by authorities as a ragtag unit of malcontents?

(A photo of the slain Parad as posted on ABS-CBN News On Loine. credited to Ageance France Presse)

Or will the killing of Parad, he with that most disgusting smirk, give way to temporary calm in Sulu only to be replaced later by yet a more blood curdling episode?

Too many innocent lives have been lost.

Those fed up with the government’s seeming inability to eradicate the ASG have even said that both the KFR operations of the Abus, and the touted campaigns to stop them are “cottage industries”!

I do not want to subscribe to this school of thought.

Can this government, can the military, PLEASE BURY THESE SUSPICIONS SIX FEET UNDER.

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