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Polls’ Failure “Highly Probable”?

February 21, 2010

Opposition senatorial aspirant Joey De Venecia  is averring that “ the failure of the automated May elections is not only possible, but highly probable.”

A dispatch just in from his media office quotes the IT businessman, and NBN ZTE scam whistle blower reads:

The Commission on Elections must now admit that it cannot guarantee a glitch-free election and revert back to manual counting before it’s too late. Despite their best efforts, the commission simply isn’t prepared for an undertaking of this magnitude,”

Test runs have exposed such problems as the voting machines being unable to read the ballots, transmission of results failing, and the machines themselves not operating at 100 percent accuracy.

All the presidential candidates have expressed misgivings about the computerization, except for one.

Even the administration candidate is not confident that all will go well.

The Comelec must make some tough decisions now.

Aborting the computerization plan would result in huge losses for the Comelec, in particular, and the government, in general. For one, the millions of ballots already printed would have to go to waste as these could not be used in manual elections.

Deferring the automation plan will prove costly to the government, but what are the options?

The voting machines need not go to waste as they could be used in the barangay elections later this year.

The action Mr. De Venecia is calling for is surely a hard, hard pill o swallow fpr the COMELEC gods.

But while the losses to public coffers, huge as they are, can never outweigh the paramout importance of this nation’s political future.

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