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EDSA Devalued, Misappropriated

February 26, 2010

The mercury soared to a sweltering 34.5 degrees Celsius yesterday so we could all perhaps be forgiven for nothing giving much thought to how historic it was that the EDSA People Power ‘Revolution’ swept away a dictatorship.

One could even think that our female President, though much distrusted and pilloried for many alleged sins, endured the intense El Nino heat to underline EDSA’s importance.

But between Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo claiming “the world will not accept another EDSA,” and the leading presidential candidates staging musical concerts to wow their supporters, one realizes that this is what EDSA now amounts to: politicians devaluing /appropriating an historic event for their personal gain.

In the meantime, millions of Filipinos in the shackles of poverty and with little or no access to the most basic of social services are in hovels waiting for better days which may not come in their lifetime.

This is a harsh, even over-blown  scenario, perhaps but I hope our would-be messiahs read this so they can prove this  dead wrong.

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