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Philippine Politics: Viability Or Buyability?

March 4, 2010

The heat is just sweltering… broiling even.

And it isn’t just the fact that the mercury rose to 35.5 Celsius yesterday.

The mudslinging on the political from have intensified to a most disgusting level with mounting accusations that a certain moneyed candidate has been trying to buy off his rivals with promises of ‘reimbursing’ their campaign expenses in exchange for their either drooping out pf the presidential derby and sliding down as senatorial candidate.

Mr. Manny Villar has emerged as the usual suspect in this puke-inducing show with the side character of Senator Ed Angara being tagged by Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile as the ‘messenger’.

The image many Filipinos are seeing is this:
Candidates to high elective office are now appreciated on two criteria.

Their VIABILITY at the polls, the chance of their bringing n the popular vote on the basis of qualifications, platform, and charisma (not necessary in the order),and their ‘BUYABILITY’ – their susceptibility to being bought out by rivals with absolutely no scruples.

These aspiring state leaders strut about with open devotion to dirty, money-driven tactics of traditional politics, more accurately nicknamed ’trapo’ (read wash cloth) politics.

There is even a subset of such ‘buyable’ politicians.

Those who seek elective office just for the FUND of it.

So which candidate are you for, the ‘viables’ or the ‘buyables’?

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