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What Our Society Has Become

March 6, 2010

Don’t blame right thinking Filipinos if they entertain the thought that we have to fend for ourselves as criminals roam our streets and rebels claim parts of our supposedly sovereign nation into no access zones to law-abiding citizens.

Two cases in point: one goes into a popular shopping mall with its private ‘blue guards’ and walk-though metal detectors, plus a police desk right at the lobby.

You’re secure in your person right? Wrong.

You get your purse stolen by daring thieves!

You dutifully go to the police desk.

The response you get: “Go to the police precinct and narrate what happened so it can be ‘blottered’.

That’s it???!!!

What the hell was he at the Police Assistance Desk for? To ogle at the ladies in summer shorts!!!

Second story:

The Philippine National Police says the COMELEC should file charges against politicians who pay rebels fees to be allowed to enter and campaign in NPA-infested areas!

This report comes with the estimate that the communist insurgents will earn up to P 6-B from such ‘revolutionary taxes’

This is what Philippine society has come to: law enforcers indifferent to seeming petty offenses that are the seeds of bigger, life-threatening crimes and wholesale extortion by insurgents rebels which the government of the day had vowed to defeat this year.

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  1. qdltorre permalink
    April 28, 2010 1:17 pm

    We should all be aware. Election deal between the Communist Party of the Phlippines – New People’s Army and Nacionalista Party. What is at stake on May 10 and what the future could be.

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