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Can Noynoy Lead?

March 10, 2010

Can Noynoy lead?

This must surely be the questions most right-thinking and patriotic Flipinos are asking with the latest surveys indicating that Aquino and Manny Villar are running neck and neck 60 days before the elections.

There is even a dark back drop: both camps, according to loud whispers, are set to unleash (if they haven’t already done so) black propaganda stories against each other.

The operations are aiming at both candidates’ jugulars.

But true or not the important question still is whether Noynoy or Villar has what it takes to govern and govern with integrity and vision.

A lot has been exposed about Villar’s alleged tainted if not corrupt activities and all that he’s said is the allegations are just “political smear jobs.”

Villar is also widely perceived as Arroyo’s Trojan Horse and people ask how, as a businessman, he will obtain ROI on the billions he is spending to win Malacanang.

While no such charges have been leveled against Noynoy, the criticisms have ranged from the paucity of his supposed platform, his running purely on the basis of his parents’ legacies, and his track record as lawmaker.

The supposed ‘dead heat’ notwithstanding,  Filipinos overseas keenly watching how the election in their homeland will turn out.

They share the belief that after the corruption-riddled rule of Gloria Arroyo we must make an informed choice about who our next President will be.

This hope is embodied in a note that found its way t my In Box this morning:

The national elections in May, obviously, will be the most important democratic event, exercise, process, etc., if you will, to occur in the lives of the Filipino people. The May elections will be a very unique moment in time in the life of our country. The last time a presidential election, a rare event (only every 6 yrs), took place was in 2004.

Despite the fact I live here in the States, I and millions like me, have more than a “passing interest” in its outcome.  The Philippines will always be our Motherland.  We were born there, grew up there, educated and worked there.  We have a home there.  I have a daughter and a grandson who live there.  We all have relatives and close friends whom we visit with regularity.  We can all agree that physical proximity to the country shouldn’t be a litmus test in deciding which one of us has more at stake in the country’s future.

I need to be enlightened.  It will help me try to convince my aunt, my daughter, the domestic help, and others to vote for the best leader to govern the country in the next 6 years.

Tom and Vince, you signed on with Senator Noynoy Aquino very early. What attracted you to him?  What kind of leadership do you think he can provide that Villar, Gibo Teodoro, Gordon, Eddie Villanueva can’t?  I am not including Erap in this list because we all know he can’t lead and therefore cannot govern.

The country is experiencing, perhaps with a great deal of anguish, a Gloria Macapagal Arroyo fatigue.  Is it fair therefore to her annointed one, Gibo Teodoro, to be on the receiving end of the negative issues that are being hurled at Gloria?  Is it really fair to Gibo even though he may be a very gifted public servant who may be strongly committed and passionate about the issues that you and I and the average man or woman care about?  Note, I do not know Teodoro nor am I endorsing him.  Am merely raising issues and questions here.

maternal grandparents were from Tarlac, Tarlac.  I spent more than a few summer days and months, as a child and growing up, visiting and paying my respects to my Lola, and my aunts and uncles.  Often, I look back with fond memories at those summer days gone by.

I am disappointed that Tarlac did not benefit as much and as it should during President Cory’s era.  There were questions, if I remember right, of impropriety of then Tarlac Governor Tingting Cojuangco’s governance.  She, by the way, is (was) the sister-in-law of the late President Cory Aquino.  Then, there was another governor of the province (a Cory ally whose name escapes me at the moment) who was charged formally for missing funds …in the tens of millions….allocated for a hospital project that has remained a white elephant.  It is a pity because Ilocos Norte benefitted so much under Marcos.  It is a pity that Pampanga is benefitting from Gloria’s blessings.

Lest anyone question my allegiance here, I am no Marcos fan nor an Arroyo fan.
Hacienda Luisita, a Cojuangco (Noynoy’s family) property, farm, business empire has seen volatile landlord-tenant relations, leading at times to violence.  Is it true that Hacienda Luisita is on the verge of bankruptcy?  Or is it already bankrupt?

If so, how does one expect Senator Noynoy to lead, manage and govern  a more complex Philippines when he and his family cannot even take care a province like Tarlac and a business like Hacienda Luisita?

I do not wish to offend and antagonize any and all Aquino supporters.  At the end of the day (and at the end of the May elections…regardless who the winner may be), I would like to believe that we can set aside politics and still remain friends.

I have not made up my mind.  Like I said, I wish to be educated and enlightened.  I do think the questions I raised are valid.

Is there something indefinably different about Noynoy, and genuine that I may be missing?  Do you  believe that Noynoy Aquino present the best hope we’ve had in a long time?

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.  Mabuhay kayong lahat.

Paging Senator Aquino.

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  1. March 16, 2010 6:37 pm

    by Earlie Doriman

    It’s almost two decades now since I started to exercise my constitutional right of suffrage. Seventeen years of disappointments about how politics had and has been jeopardizing the nation and its people.

    Election after election, politics in the Philippines even become dirtier and implausible, surrounded with politicians who are either too power greedy to leave or too old to realise they are no longer capable. I was still young when Benigno Aquino Sr. was assassinated, yet his death was the best political event I could ever call to mind, because that gave the country its genuine independence and freedom though short-lived and temporary.
    As the national elections crawls closer , we see loads of traditional politicians doing what they are most excellent at : sticking posters all over even if the campaign period is still months away, seeing them on television, hearing them over the radios, and they become very unusually visible and generous. They come into view like angels and saints more than willing to dedicate their life for the welfare of the country and the Filipino people. If you listen at their speeches, you would certainly be fascinated about how clever and intelligent they seem to be. But leave no stones unturned, behind these masquerades are politicians who destroyed our country and the destiny of every Filipino.

    It is high time to change the culture of politics in our land. We have tried the most intelligent president during the Marcos regime but we suffered much of his dictatorship. We attempted a West Pointer but not very creditable. Out of despair, we even tried a mediocre leader but turn out dreadfully helpless. But our resilience as a people gives us the conviction that soon we could find the best leader to transform our country into a better place to live. I still believe one person could bring about the much needed CHANGE. He may not be the most intelligent amongst the aspirants, but surely a smart man to lead a country that believes ‘NOTHING IS TOO LATE’ for a genuine change. Consider these reasons why Filipinos should vote NOYNOY AQUINO Jr. for president.

    Ninoy Aquino Sr., assasinated in 1983


    His father’s legacy of faith and love for the Philippines is the noblest that I have known for after Jose Rizal. Ninoy Aquino Sr. was so valiant to defeat dictatorship and so he exchanged his life to bring about freedom and democracy to the nation. Cory Aquino, whose political life continued the cause of Ninoy, was the only Philippine president who was never involved in corruption and indignity. Two great leaders of the country, and a son, the record as a congressman and as a senator is never blemished with colours of dishonesty and abuse of power.

    2. NO TRAPO.

    Unlike other politicians, Noynoy’s candidacy is a call not for his selfish interest but for the people who believe in him. His political conduct is non-traditional and his vision is not personal. Drop the trapos and vote the candidates with proper character and dedication to public service.


    One who fears in the Lord, fears to sin. Noynoy is not perfect, and definitely no one is. But his family’s devotion to faith is not superficial. His mother Cory Aquino was a very devoted Marian and so his siblings. I believe, their being truly religious is synonymous to honest governance.

    Cory Aquino, became Philippine President in 1986-1991


    Noynoy would certainly not put his father’s death to oblivion. Being a son of two politicians who fought for the country’s freedom and independence, Noynoy carries the blood of the genuine Filipino heroes. His reluctance at the start to run for the president indicates that he is not hungry for power.


    Noynoy has the right brain cells to govern and lead. He’s not overly clever and most importantly not stupid. We don’t necessitate a very bright president, we just need a leader who knows how to look, listen, and act what this country wants. We already suffer the extremes of a very intelligent one, and we suffer more to a brainless actor.
    6. NOT A GAMBLER. Benigno Aquino Jr. is not a Casino aficionado. His principle does not buy the idea of taking chances. By that alone, he would not surely put the country in a lottery.


    Politicians do patronise big companies for monetary reasons. During the campaign period, traditional politicians would always beg support from massive business enterprises for financial sustenance, and gratitude dictates favours after. Noynoy has been very outspoken to say that he does not have the necessary financial capability to run a campaign and neither would he give in to asking from anyone than the candid support of the ordinary Filipino citizen.


    Noynoy is obviously a very good son and a brother to his sisters. He has never been accused of moral indecency, Noynoy’s personality conveys a message of reformation to many politicians whose moral conduct and unsuitability remain contentious.
    url source:

  2. March 16, 2010 7:46 pm

    About Hacienda Luisita.

    Sa mga makukulit na nagtatanong pa rin tungkol sa Hacienda Luisita issue
    26 February 2010 13 Comments

    From Engr. Jojo:

    I am speaking as an Agrarian Reform Program Officer, SDO is a LEGAL provision of the law (RA 6657) or COMPREHENSIVE AGRARIAN REFORM LAW OF 1988 at saka hindi ito ipinipilit, in fact dalawang beses nag conduct ng Plebiscite sa HLI separately conducted by DAR and PARC, the latter is chaired by then President FVR. The first plebiscite was conducted by DAR to feel the pulse of HLI Workers after series of Orientations and consultation conducted on them, the second was confirmatory, the results: 92% and 94% respectively.

    Alam mo ba kung sinong nagpupumilit na maipamahagi physically ang HLI sa mga beneficiaries na hindi iniisip ang kahalagaan ng Economies-of-scale sa isang export crop producing estate? ANG MGA MAKAKALIWA na dumedepende ng mass base sa maliliit na magsasaka.

    Ang mga vast landholding na nagpoproduce ng Sugar ay ang ating buffer sources for sugar to comply with the Philippine Government’s international trade commitment RE: SUGAR QUOTA ngayong kung physically i-break-up mo ang mga landholding na tulad ng HLI na ang distributable ay 4,500 hectares to more than 6,000 farm workers magkakaroon ang bawat isa ng at least 3/4 of a hectare.

    Now the questions:

    1. Sa laki ng 3/4 of a hectare kaya kaya ng bawat beneficiaries na mag-produce ng sugar to the level of production ng isang contiguous wide area?

    2. The Cojuangco Clan who owned the Sugar Mill will be left landless and having no captive raw material source for the Sugar Mill, do you think they will not close operation, and if that happen?

    3. What will beneficiaries be planting in order to earn enough to sustain his family? Remember study shows that the economic size of a farm to sustain a family of five is 3 hectares.

    4. What will happen to our Sugar Industry?

    5. What happen when the Philippine Government can not comply with International Commitment of Sugar Quota? Renege?

    If you can not provide rational answers to these questions you better not mention HLI issue anymore. That is a RECYCLED WASTE because you have nothing to throw at Noynoy Aquino.

    Ang issue ngayon ay isinampa na sa Supreme Court to determine the validity of the Stock Distribution Option sa Hacienda Luisita, maghintay ka na lang ng Resolution.
    From Dennis Villarta:

    Common sense lang naman iyan pare, kahit pa congressman na si Noynoy or kahit presidente na siya or kahit si Gordon or kahit sino pang tao ay hindi pwedeng makialam sa isang bagay which was already binded by the law.

    In civil cases , may tinatawag tayong “Doctrine of Privity of contract” , na nagsasaad na walang ibang party na maaring manghimasok sa contract kung hindi ang party involve lamang . Ang party concerned lang rin ang may karapatan na maghain ng reklamo kung may problema sa batas or kung meron mang paglabag sa kontrata. Besides , ito ay pribadong bagay na hindi maaring pakialamanan ng sinumang government officers or any other individuals outside the party concern.

    Ang isang Kontrata, ay isang binding agreement at hindi ito maaring maging contract kung walang “Concurence of Will” between two or more parties and only the concerned parties to contracts should be able to sue to enforce their rights or claim damages as such .
    Noynoy has promised that he will help convince HLI management in facilitating the distribution of land in 2013 if I’m correct, wherein tapos na ang contract and Noynoy or anyone may already have the legal rights to interfere sa problemang ito .
    I hope na sana maging malinaw na sa inyo ito .

    Aquino: ‘We could have earned P3B if Luisita was sold’
    By Philip Tubeza
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 19:38:00 03/15/2010

    Filed Under: Eleksyon 2010, Politics, Elections, Benigno Aquino III
    MANILA, Philippines—Stung by criticisms about Hacienda Luisita, Liberal Party standard-bearer Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III on Monday said his family could have earned P3 billion from selling the large sugar plantation.

    Aquino said the 4,500-hectare plantation could have been sold at P4.5 billion, with the real estate price of P100 per square meter, if his family did not care about the farmers and only worried about its interests.

    “Our adversary portrays us as being rapacious about the land and we supposedly do not want to let it go but the truth is, if we sell this, which is part of the Agrarian Reform Program, we can sell the 4,500 hectares at P100 per square meter and get around P4.5 billion,” Aquino said in an interview on GMA 7’s morning show “Unang Hirit.”

    “Seventy percent of that (or P3.15 billion) would be ours. The debts of the company would be paid, and there would still be a big enough amount left in the bank,” he added.

    Aquino, who owns 0.04 percent of the plantation shares, said selling it would also remove Hacienda Luisita as a thorny “political issue” that has been used against his family since the presidency of his mother, Corazon Aquino.

    “If we were only after our personal interests, we would have done that and the issue of Luisita would be over,” Aquino said.

    In a previous interview, Aquino claimed that his family did not sell their interest in the plantation because they were worried if the new owners would still provide jobs for the farmers there.

    “We just cannot say ‘You’re on your own.’ We cannot do that,” Aquino said, adding that if the plantation were sold, the new owners should also make sure that the farmers have employment.

    The hacienda, however, is currently embroiled in a legal case that is still pending before the Supreme Court after the government declared as illegal the stock option scheme for Hacienda Luisita.

    Aquino’s sisters also said that it was hard finding a buyer for the plantation because of its labor problems and large debt.

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