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For God And Country, Not GMA (Retitled, Updated)

March 10, 2010

The promise of newly installed AFP Chief of Staff Delfin Bangit that he will “do everything to  protect democracy” and not allow himself “to be used for partisan politics” would have been enough for a banner headline, buttressed by his pledge “to work for very,very credible elections.”

For good measure the general even volunteered the information that “I never once received an illegal order from Pres. Arroyo.”

But Bangit’s boss let loose a bigger assurance:

We remain deeply committed to smooth transition to a new government,

We can count on the AFP to help us prove that our democracy works for the future of our nation’s children. The people come first. Our accomplishments and progress to date must be passed on to new leaders to continue the forward march of progress.

Then she added:

We can’t put food on the table with just hope. We need detailed plan of action… and turn them into tangible results.

These back to back pledges, however, raise several important questions:

  • Were they not, in fact, reminding themselves that those tasks are THEIR solemn obligations as servants of the Filipino people?.
  • Why does Mrs. Arroyo saying during a military turnover of command that “a detailed plan of action is needed in the context of putting food on the table?
  • Is this Bangit’s job as military commander?

General Bangit will stay on well after his President leaves office, the President who faces the likely prospect of being put in the dock for alleged crimes in office.

This is will be the Rubicon Bangit must cross as he ‘inherits’ a new President armed with a popular mandate from the Philippines first ‘fraud-free’ elections.

It will be the occasion for the good general’s  singular chance to prove that his avowed patriotic devotion to God and Country as a professional, law-abiding soldier are paramount.


Latest report are quoting the national police chief, Director-General jesus Versoza as  also “won’t obey any illegal orders from the President.”

What’s this all about?

I understand why General Bangit felt obliged to say only God could use him, saying in the next breath that “President Arroyo never gave me an illegal order.”

But enough already.

These officers are bound by their oaths NEVER to follow any unlawful order!!!

Aside from stating the obvious they are now making some question why they feel the need to make superfluous ledges.

Just do your sworn duties, gentlemen.

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