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Giving Up On Fighting Corruption

March 10, 2010

The exiting tenants at Malacanang have given up on their avowed commitment to minimize if not eradicate corruption.

These is how the Office of the President is reacting to that report from a risk consyultancy firm that the Philippines now ranks as 4th most corrupt nation in Southeast Asia, up from 6th most corrupt.

Draw your conclusion:

Deputy presidential spokesman Gary Olivar:

Ang corruption is an old, old problem. It is one of culture, di lang institution, pati kultura natin sa pulitika at civic life (Corruption is an old, old problem in our culture, and not just institutions. This culture extends to our political and civic lives).

We do our share and we hope the next administration will continue the job. It is not a question of institutions and process. Ang pag-iisip at kultura natin kailangan magbago over time (We must change our way of thinking and our culture over time).

The blame should fall on mudslinging during election period, which is why the country has been rated among most corrupt among neighboring economies. Much of the perception about corruption in the Philippines stemmed from accusations against candidates running in the May polls. “Tayo ay nasa panahon ng eleksyon at sikat na sikat ang mudslinging. Di ko malaman bakit gumagawa sila ng mga alegasyon ng korapsyon na walang basehan. Pag ito binanggit iba ang pananaw ng tao akala nila gospel truth ito (We are in the election season and mudslinging is the in thing. I do not know why allegations of corruption, though baseless, were taken as gospel truths).

With this attitude is it any wonder that all the presidential candidates, with perhaps Gibo Teodoro as the only exception, are vowing to stamp out corruption as top goal in their platforms?

We truly can’t wait to kick out this regime and elect a President with true vision and a legitimate mandate..

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