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Manny Pacquiao Outlasts Joshua Clottey In 12 Rounds; The Ghanaian Fails To Win Even A Single Round

March 14, 2010

I turned my mobile off as I awaited the commercial load delayed free TV telecast of the fight Manny Pacquiao hoped would be his ticket to the sought for mega-fight against arrogant Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The image above is a CGI of Pacquiao acknowledging the cheers of his fans moments after flooring Cottley.

This was how the firm CompuBox predicted the victory of the Filipino:

Yet again Manny Pacquiao did silence the Philippines’ boisterous politicians and blood-thirsty criminals and rebels.

So it was that the Filipino 7-division pound for pound boxing king outlasted Ghana’s Joshua Clottey in 12 bruising rounds.

Manny Pacquiao did not only bring the house down in the 110,000 seat Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

(Photos by Ageance France Presse)

With his most masterful victory yet in the square ring, the former bakery boy from General Santos City proved that Mayweather’s claim that Pacquiao took performance-enhancing steroids was nothing but a cheap and cowardly alibi to avoid certain defeat.

I had expected that Clottey’s end would come inside of 6 rounds but Clottey adopted what’s called a turtle shell defense – keeping his face and upper body covered by his arms.

Clottey was cites for throwing a low blow in Round 8 but it did not look deliberate and  Pacquiao’s belt line.

But the Ghanian was not beyond using dirty tactics like stepping on the Filipino’s foot during clinches.

Pacquiao’s speed was steady throughout the fight with computer counts showing him letting loose in excess of 100 punches in a single round.

Clottey did not win a single round.

The Filipino was relentless and patient while the Ghanaian was content at fending off Pacquiao’s brick-hard punches except in Round 11 where he tried to fight Manny toe to toe.

The ring announcer, Michael Buffer was mistake when he introduce the Ghanaian as Joshua ‘The Grandmaster’ Clottey.

I doubt he plays chess. He’s more skilled at the dirty tactic of toe-stepping so its fitting to call him Joshua ‘Toe Stepper’ Clottey.

With his defeat of  Clottey, the Pacman is now more than ready to take on the two remaining pretenders: Shane Mosely, and Mayweather.

Ignominy awaits either of these two Americans if they try to squirm away from facing the greatest Filipino boxer ever.

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