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Filipinos As Mules

March 24, 2010

Australiam immigration officials are red -over their outrageous and wrongful arrest of a 29-year-old Filipina tourist carrying what they thought was shabu or synthetic cocaine packed in tea bags.

They’d thrown Maria Cecilia Silva in jail for 5 harrowing days only to find out that the oackets were simply tea bags.

An Australian judge ordered immigration authorities to pay her the equivalent of P200,000 in Australian dollars in damages.

The Filipina was all too painfully the victim of racial profiling.

This very disturbing episode is obviously the result of Filipinos being lumped with other foreign nationals who are used as drug couriers – mules – by international drug syndicates with the Philippines being a confirmed as being both the source of, and transhipment point for illicit drugs.

We can never condone racial discrimination but the truly larger problem, nay, menace, is our government’s failure to go ,and prosecute through to conviction of suspected drug traffickers through to conviction.

Remember the numerous cases of notorious alleged drug lords who were able to escape custody but were believed to have bought off their guards or had evidence against them mishandled?

There is also the sensational Ayala Alabang Boys case which continues to drag on.

The battle against the drug menace – yet another item in the Arroyo regime’s looong list of unredeemed promises.

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