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Their Excellencies?

March 26, 2010

Picture this:

Newly-elected come-from-behind President entering the Batasang Pambansa complex to give his first State Of the Nation Address (SONA) before the 15th Congress, with his ‘anointer’ and former boss Gloria Macapagal Arroyo sitting as newly-elected Speaker.

Complete the snapshot with the 250-member House controlled overwhelmingly by 150 to 160 Arroyo allies from the Lakas-KAMPI-CMD plus say 20 or so Party-List congressmen coming from known Malacanang-funded groups led by new 1UTAK Representative Angelo Reyes and Ang Galing Pinoy nominee Mikey Arroyo.

For good measure, witness the new Senate controlled by a slim majority of carry-over Senator serving the final three years of of their term and a couple of opposition stragglers who survived the electronic Dagdag Bawas operations in the recent automated election.

All these are back-dropped by the slew of cases filed against the former President-now-Speaker.

  • How will President Teodoro frame his maiden SONA?
  • Will he curtsey before weakly pounding his chest to say that his newly appointed Ombudsman will act on the cases with dispatch?
  • Will he as President be able to control the release of pork barrel funds and prevent Speaker GMA from threatening to hold his legislative agenda hostage if he goes full steam ahead in the investigation of the charges against the Lady Speaker?
  • What will President Teodoro do if he himself becomes the target of an impeachment complaint over how the ‘rebellious’ Ampatuan private army was able to amass war materiel from the National Armory?

Nuff said.

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