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Has Noynoy Aquino Regained His Stride?

March 28, 2010

It looks like Liberal Party presidential Standard bearer Benigno ‘N|oynoy’ Aquino III has regained his stride against closest rival Manny Villar.

This is based on the results of two two separate opinion surveys the main findings of which were shared by ABS-CBN journalist Ces Drilon through her FaceBook wall status update.

According to Drilon’s post, the latest Social Weather Stations poll conducted from March 19 to the 22nd has Aquino at 37%, a substantial 9 percentage point ahead of Villar who was last tagged by SWS as just 2 points behind Noynoy.

Former President Erap Estrada has 19% followed by administration party bet Gilbert Teodoro at 6%.

In the vice presidential race, Aquino’s running mate, Mar Roxas, was reportedly listed in the SWS survey as enjoying a 17% lead over Loren Learda, Villar running mate, 42% versus 25%.

Running third in the VP race, based on the SWS results reported by Ces Drilon is Makati mayor Jejomar Binay with 21%. Binay is Estrada’s running mate.

Ces Drilon gave no further details of the SWS survey result which is not yet on the polling  firm’s web site.

But she also disclosed the survey data from the Manila Standard Today which put Aquino at 39% a wider 13% percentage point from Villar at 26%.

The MST survey reportedly conducted from March 21 to 23 lists Estrada in third at 17% and Teodoro at 6%.

Despite the paucity of details in this story break it appears recent efforts by the LP camp to further contrast the personalities of the two leading presidential hopefuls are taking effect.

Just yesterday both candidates were reported to have already exceeded their allowed political adspends.

This can only mean that the remaining 40-plus days of the campaign period will shift to  more intense ‘below-the-line’ and non-traditional campaign mechanisms, possibly including black propaganda actions, actions which either side will try to clothe with deniability.

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