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Gibo Gives Up The Lakas-KAMPI-CMD Chairmanship; Laying The Predicate? (Updated)

March 30, 2010

Am writing this just as the story broke on the ABS-CBN News Channel: Administration candidate Gilbert Teodoro resigned as chairman of the Lakas-Kampi-CMD administration party:

Teodoro:  I am resigning so that I can focus on running for the presidency. (ANC further quoted the former defense secretary as saying he remained a member of the party).

As details about his decision are pending a knee-jerk reaction – Teodoro may be laying the predicate to take on a genuinely independent posture from that of his old boss Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Interviewed by phone on the ANC show Rundown, Lakas Kampi Secretary General Franis Manglapus initially quoted a text message from Mr. Teodoro who he said is in Cebu. Manglapus said Teodoro wanted to focus on his candidacy an not be weighed down by the day-to-day details of running party affairs.

Teodoro himself then told ANC:

The more important  thing to do is to focus on my campaign am not worry about the details of how our 18,000 party candidates nationwide are doing.

It is only fair . Only fair for party men to have a full time chair.

This not very convincing, coming as it does on the heels of the defections from Lakas of politicians now backing  Nacionalist Party bey Manny Vllar (no beset by denunciations that he lied about being poor).

Teodoro must certainly know the dynamics of party members being expected to tow the line.

By giving up the chairmanship he has effectively released his party mates from the obligation of supporting him.

Teodoro must certainly be realizing that GMA’s ‘kiss of death’ has all indications of being fatal to his hopes of winning.

He has been increasingly been vocal in recent days against ‘missteps’ by his ex-boss – her plan to appointr a midnight Chief Justice, the planned midnight sale of high-value public assets, and the widely rumor right-wing military plot to install a pro-Arroyo junta.

Go ahead Gibo, cast your own shadow by finally cutting the umbilical cord that links you with your anointer.


Breaking reports this Holy Wednesday:

Sarangani Gov. Rene Miguel Dominguez on Wednesday tendered his resignation as party president of the ruling Lakas-Kabalikat ng Malayang Pilipino-Christian Muslim Democrats (Lakas-KAMPI-CMD).

In his resignation letter, Dominguez said he resigned as party president to allow the next Lakas-Kampi chairman a free hand in choosing his replacement. He is the second top Lakas-KAMPI-CMD official to leave his post after the party’s chairman, Gilbert Teodoro, announced his resignation Tuesday.

“To the national executive committee of Lakas Kampi Command, I hereby tender my resignation as party president effective immediately. With the recent resignation of our chairman Gilbert C. Teodoro Jr. I would like to give the incoming chairman a free hand to select his new president. I would like to thank the national executive committee and Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for the trust and confidence given to me,” he said in his resignation letter.

Dominguez was proclaimed as the national president of the ruling Lakas-KAMPI-CMD party in November 2009. He is a close friend of Teodoro.”

House Speaker Prospero Nograles is now described as being “shocked with the resignation of Teodoro as party chairman since it was done without any consultation from us, the previous leaders of the party.”

Nograles, the vice-chairman of Lakas-KAMPI-CMD, said he is “now confused and seems to be out of the loop” since he does not know what’s happening to the party.

“The local troops are now as confused over this event,” Nograles, who is running for mayor of Davao City, said.
On Dominguez’s resignation as party president, Nograles said: “What has happened to our party? To each his own?”

Lakas-KAMPI deputy secretary general Raymundo Roquero admits also being caught by surpriseted he was caught by surprise by the resignation of Dominguez since he was just talking to the Sarangani governor the other day to discuss the schedule of campaign sorties of the Lakas-KAMPI-CMD candidate.

“Medyo nabigla din tayo. Hindi natin alam. Parang hindi nga ito normal in terms of the normal routine of the party, but there are some developments which might also help the campaign of our standard-bearer Gibo Teodoro. He is still the standard-bearer of the party.”


A second jumper from Lakas-Kamoi today was Francis Manglapus, the administration party Sec-Gen who came in with Mr. Teodoro.

A glum Gov. Oscar Moreno, party vice chair said that while he’ll stick it out he was now unsure about who’ill convene the Executive Committe to sort out the widening mess.

He concede that probably one unspoken reason for Teodoro’s designaion to shed the party chairmanship was the uncharacteric lack of sufficient funds at Teodoro’s disposable.

Said simply the party standard bearer was left shaking in the wind.

The Lakas men, except outgoing Speaker Nograles are understandably putting on brave faces.

But we are possibly witnessing the start of the proverbial rats scurrying from the sinking political ship.

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