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Gibo And The Rubicon He Must Cross

April 1, 2010

Presidential candidate Gilbert Teodoro says he has not taken an adversarial posture against outgoing President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo because it is “un-Filipino” to  turn one’s back on the person “who gave me the break.”

Utang na loob (debt of gratitude) – he refuses to admit it – but this has been the albatross weighing down his bid for the presidency despite  his possibly being the best academically prepared, vision-endowed, and experienced aspirant for the most powerful office in the land.

Now just days after shedding the chairmanship of his party, ostensibly so he can “contrite fully on campaigning minus the burden of looking after our 18,000 candidates for local position, the real reason for Teodoro’s resignation is emerging: money, more precisely the lack of it.

The data cannot lie.

Now with Teodoro just a regular party man, PaLaKa (Partido Lakas-Kampi (CMD) may be beginning to croak with key officials loyal to Teodoro following his lead, and others moving over to the widely-suspected  GMA  ‘ideological clone’.

Teodoro’s partial declaration of ‘independence’ must now be followed by words and action that will bridge the wide gulf that separates him the masses, the masses deeply distrustful and disenchanted with his padrino.

Gibo simply cannot content  himself with winning the straw votes in the high-end colleges and universities where intelligent rich kids study.

Speak out now about the continuing wrongful acts of the administration you served until recently and link arms with the people.

There is still time.

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