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Gibo’s Puzzlement

April 3, 2010

Caught between goodbye and I love you.

This is the very conundrum facing Gilberto Teodoro, Jr as election day nears with his recently adopted party buffeted by the winds of positive political change, change that sees to forswear corruption in the halls of power, the corruption that 7 in 10 Filipinos feel has been aided and abetted by his political godmother and her controversial spouse.

He is vigorously denying it, but the talk about town still is that his opponent, Senator Manny Villar is the First Couple’s favored candidate.

BTW, the photo montage above is this author’s revision of the image below posted on one of Teodoro’s two FaceBook pages.

For their boss to be pictured as being Kennedyeque and even Obamaesque isĀ  quite a fantasy.

The gall!!!

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