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Pre-Easter Political Tremors

April 3, 2010

Contrasting pre-Easter political statements are swirling.

Depending on your leanings they are either open secrets, unexpected broadsides, and or expressions of dogged (if misplaced) faith:

Unnamed Lakas senatorial candidate:

It’s true. The First Gentleman and his allies are supporting Manny Villar. That may have triggered Teodoro’s resignation. Even before the start of the national campaign on Feb. 9, it was an “open secret” among Lakas-KAMPI-CMD party mates that Mike Arroyo was bankrolling the campaign of  Sen. Villar. “And he (Teodoro) doesn’t believe that GMA (President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo) doesn’t know about this.

PaLaKa andidate Gilbert Teodoro:

The support of the Garcia family and of One Cebu Party to my presidential bid has always been solid and unconditional, it has never wavered.I appeal to all not to believe in the divisive intrigues being spread around and instead focus on the serious issues affecting the future of our country.

Nacionalista Party :

We don’t know what hallucination this unnamed Lakas senatorial candidate is suffering but as far as the Nacionalista Party is concerned, we have no connection, dealing or contract with the First Gentleman [Jose Miguel Arroyo].

We, the NP and the standard- bearer have our own resources and do not need anyone to bankroll our campaign. These are malicious assertions and assumptions meant only to discredit the NP and its opposition character.

NP senatorial bet Adel Tamano:

No truth whatsoever (truth to the report that the First Gentleman is bankrolling Villar’s campaign). Who would be stupid enough to want an endorsement from the most hated couple in Philippine history?”

Taking the remarks in reverse order, the fulsome description of the President Gloria Macapagal Arroo and her ailing, albeit much-suspected spouse, is the most acidic ever pronouncement  from the camp of the man variously tagged as VillArroyo or as falsely claiming that he rose from nearly abject poverty.The former defense secretary, for his party, is laboring to revive his sputtering presidential bid by banking on the same Cebuano clan that’s seen as largely instrumental for the votes genuinely obtained by GMA during the fraud-ridden elections of 2004 and 2007.

Now the non-revelation attributed to the ‘unnamed PaLaKa senatorial aspirant is quite something else.

It’s an angle that’s been circulatingfor the past two months at least.

In fact, multiple sources had previously told At Midfield that other than this unnamed senatoriable, a high ranking member of the Cabinet had even directly advise regional directors of the line department that he previously lead that “PGMA and FG want them to support Villar.”

That this ‘rumor’ has been given further credence by the unnamed Palaka senatorial wannabee is something Gibo must credibly extinguish.

The political timer is winding down faster than everyone thinks.

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