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Gibo Say’s He’s Not Quitting The Race

April 4, 2010

No way, Jose.

This is essentially what Gilbert Teodoro, the declared candidate of outgoing President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, said in an urgent dispatch to the news media early on Easter Sunday in  bid to quell an obvious black propaganda plant that was posted on line in mass text messages.

Here’s how the errant report, tagged as ‘an ‘intel’ report, went:

A-1 SOURCE: Gibo scheduled presscon Mon. to make major ancemnt. Palace frantic, cant reach Gibo. Cabinet members close to Gibo like Favila, Bello cant cntact Gibo. GMA DOUBLE CROSS has incensed Gibo &Lakas members who condemn d VILLAROYO Conspiracy. FVR nd JDV r also on d move to take back Lakasfrom GMA lackeys. Both r talking w Gibo. United Front vs VillaRoyo Conspiracy shaping up. Villar close-in advisers and Think Tank in panic mode. VillaRroyoExpose is a sure- fire death sentence to his bid.

Mr. Teodoro’s spokesman, Mike Toledo (who served as press secretary under Prresident Joseph |Estrada), issued this statement in his client’s name:

Rumors have been circulating that I will allegedly call for a press conference on Monday to announce my withdrawal from the presidential race. Such rumors are originating from sectors who will cast aside all notions of decency to satiate their salivation and hunger for power through the Presidency. Unfortunately such is commonplace in Philippine politics, which reinforces my determination to make a stand, to continue the fight. I will settle for no less than victory, our people deserve no less.

No reason do question the authenticity of Atty. Toledo’s response to the black prop message.

But as of 7:36 p.m. this Easter Sunday, Gibo’s website was still bannering the story about his resignation as Lakas-Kampi party chair nor his Easter Day message:

Today we celebrate Christ’s rising to redeem our sins. Let us celebrate by uniting as a nation, disavowing hate, by abhorring opportunism, and by truly dedicating ourselves to God and to Country.

The words are well chosen and even resonant.

The only aspect which has this writer thinking is the phrase “I will settle for no less than victory.”

I hope this does not imply in any way that the administration bet will not accept if the official election results show him losing heavily against any of the other leading ‘presidentiables’.

Leave yourself some wiggle room to accept defeat honorably, dear Sir

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