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Now It’s ‘VillArroyo’ VS ‘GloriAquino’

April 5, 2010

This is all that it’s coming down to.

With the May 10 vote inexorably nearing, the vitriol the two leading would-be presidents are shooting at each other are bordering on the absolutely distasteful with exiting President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo used as the common negative denominator.

On Sunday, LP presidential candidate Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III told reporters that his allies had received reports of a purported alliance between Villar and Mike Arroyo. He declined to elaborate, saying it was still Holy Week.

Weeks ago, ahead of this on the record statement, streams of anti-Villar text messages have been  carrying this theme, helped along by reports and whispers from Arroyo administration insiders that their President’s real candidate is Villar.

In the wake of reports showing a drop in Villar’s ratings, the NP has gone on the offensive.

Nacionalista Party (NP) standard-bearer Sen. Manuel Villar:

That will never happen. And … and I am angry with this attempt of the Liberal Party, the opposition, to link my name [with the Arroyos]. I have not spoken to the First Gentleman or the President ever since I was ousted as Senate president. I did not authorize anyone to represent me. I never asked for help from anyone in Malacañang. The local candidates choose to go with whoever they like, with who they think will win. I thought they would be shifting to me; there were a lot of them. The President did not order them not to transfer to the NP, but she persuaded them not to do so. It has always happened in the past. It’s happening now and it will happen in the future unless there are reforms [in the party system]. These are all lies and slander (my being portrayed as Ms Arroyo’s ‘secret candidate’and the derisive moniker ‘Villaroyo’). Ang sa akin, sama-sama na yan … Paulit-ulit ito sinasabi ng Liberal (For me, it’s all of a piece. The LP has been harping on it). They coined the term ‘Villarroyo’.

NP spokesperson Gilbert Remulla:

The NP has relied on its own resources and the unstinting support of Filipinos who want genuine reforms in the country since the start of the election campaign. We do not need Malacañang’s support, whether material or moral, to bring us to victory on Election Day. Noynoy’s relatives are working for GMA and benefiting from this corrupt administration which he claims he will sweep away. These same relatives who are well-entrenched in the GMA administration are now backing Noynoy. So who’s Gloria’s secret candidate? Even Cabinet members of GMA are openly supporting Noynoy when they are supposed to be working for Gibo. Now look who’s talking.

The contending sides will be well advised to make sure their supporters take these exchanges with a helthy measure of sobriety.

We wouldn’t want tempers boiling over with unwanted consequences.

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