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Jose Melo And His Banana Leaf

April 7, 2010

When is it “some sort of lapse” and when is it gross dereliction of duty bordering on the criminal.

I’m asking myself this question after hearing COMELEC  Chairman Jose Melo’s ill-chosen joke that “maybe we should just use banana leaves to save money instead of the ‘vote securiy folders’ priced as P380 per piece.”

At the risk of being cited for contempt, I now most seriously doubt if those guys at the COMELEC realize that apart from being guardians of the elections, they are sworn to prudently use taxpayer money.

My doubt, nay, anger stems from the cavalier posture of Chairman Melo and his Bidding And Awards Committee and its lame defense the it’s reasonable to pay P380 each for 1,8-M pieces of blue plastic folders for ‘bargain’ price of P690-M

Chicken feed, right?

These people should be sent to the slammer.

After a public trial, of course, lest we be accused of violating their human rights.

Oh brother!!!

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