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Chiz Escudero Junks Mar Roxas And Backs Jojo Binay (Retitled, Updated)

April 10, 2010

It’s out in the open.

Senator Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero is still actively involved in the 2010 elections.

Yes, he’s the same Chiz who ‘pied pipered’ his loyal followers to nowhere by suddenly retreating from the race ostensibly because he was forswearing party politics.

With a moist eye looking in the direction of 2016, Senator Escudero has been artively giving “strategic political advice” to Liberal Party standard bearer Noynoy Aquino.

He’s even seconded his own media team to Aquino.

Reports say that under their arrangement, “Escudero covers all media-related expenses without Aquino having to shell out a single centavo. This includes arranging interviews and press conferences and the transportation for reporters covering their events.”

Nothing wrong, right?

But wait.

Escudero says:

From the start, or prior to my allowing my team on board, Noynoy [Aquino] was aware that the team is helping his presidential bid because that is what’s most important. Loren Legarda was my wedding sponsor and I’m not helping her; why would I help Mar? Binay and I have gone a long way and I support him.

So Escuduro is cheassily tell us to our face that HE IS JUNKING Mar Roxas for the running mate of the former President who was convicted on corruption charges.

But Keso must surely know Sen. Aquino is running on the solemn vow that he won’t steal, that his will be a presidency that forswears corruption.

Is there a rat in the Aquino camp whose cheese is shot full of holes???

Pun absolutely intended.


There is now further confirmation that ‘Keso’ has videotaped an ad declaring support for Mayor Binay in a cheesy way by saying “ang bise-presidente ko may ‘B‘.”

This leaves a bitter taste given as the stunt infuses a divisive color to the Aquino-Roxas ticket which surveys indicate is solidly headed for victory.

Does Escudero really think in his endorsement carry wait given how he left his own supporters shaking in the wind several months back?

Is he now a king maker?

Don’t kid yourself  young man.

By the way…perhaps Binay has the inferred plural form noun.

But do you, dear Senator?

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  1. roseg86 permalink
    June 8, 2010 1:58 pm

    Is he now a King Maker>> YES!!!


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