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Alleged Fake Aquino Psych Report Leaker Speaks; Tags Lakas, Not NP (2nd Update)

April 11, 2010

The plot thickens.

The man tagged as the blogger who came out with the bogus psychological report about Sen. Noynoy Aquino is denying any role in manufacturing the fake report bearing the signature of Ateneo priest, Dr. Tito Caluag.

Atty Ariel Radovan told on-line friends just minutes ago:

I am a lawyer not a doctor. Kung court records pa I could make research pero medical records pa of a well known personality where on earth I would dig (sic) that. If it is court records well and good.

But, medical records of a well known personality, not my type. The picture there (with Sen. Loren Legarda)  was taken pa 2004 during FPJ campaign, so it was spliced and painted on the article.

Radovan was direct asked about the bogus psych report:

Radovan said he suspected former Justice Secretary Devanadera of involvement in the brouhaha:

Examine the contents (of the blog written by political writer Patricio Mangubat), the personalities being attacked is my forger boss Gov. (Willy) Enverga (of Quezon) and his son Cong Enverga. I suspect the green camp of former GOJ Secretary Devanadera is behind all of this to discredit my boz Cong Mar through me.

Asked about the ‘psych’ document, Radovan says:

San nga ako kukuha ng ganyan. Ginamit lang ako. Read the article in full and see who is being attacked. bakit ko pagkakaabalahan an med records ni Noynoy eh am not privy to his state of health from the time he was born. In all my political life in association with my bosses sanay na ako na ginagamit.

Here, the only thing that was so funny was the way I am used to malign somebody of a national stature whose primary target was the father and son.

Taking his claims at face value, another angle surfaces – the Radovan’s suspicion that this is the handiwork of people supporting the administration candidate Gilbert ‘Gibo’ Teodoro.

The lawyer makes no reference about  suspicions that he is an operator of the Nacionalista Party of Sen. Manny Villar.

The brouhaha is far from over, it seems.


From Mr. Radovan comes this missive:

I respect you as a journalist and the respect remains. I am just surprised why a probinsyano -based lawyer would be USED to malign somebody of a national stature. There are so many sophisticated manila based political operators who have sterling credentials from ivy league university destined by fate to do harm on fellow humans so why pick on me.

If I were to redirect you on the piece of that trash article, you will note through a meticulous study that while I am bannered in the headline which will surely catch fire, the real target of the innuendoes are my political bosses – former gov. enverga and his son, Cong. Mark Enverga. The contents would not lie…it traces allegedly the conflict between the Tanadas and the Enverga from way back due to electoral exercise.

It is a matter of local politics. Why? Who will benefit? I surmise it came from the woodworks and intelligence apparatus of the green camp of former Sec Agnes Devanadera who is rating poorly in the congressional race against Cong. Enverga here in the first district of Quezon.

The psych report is only a collateral issue to attract readers on the on going political exercise at my expense.

In law, he who accuse somebody rest the burden of proof. I can’t offer any explanation as I am not the source of that report. Napaka bobo ng gumawa ng script na ito. Sorry to say. Pang showbiz lang ito.

Thanks kuya Ding.

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  1. baycas permalink
    April 13, 2010 9:37 pm

    I was out of range (no internet access) the past few days enjoying the long weekend (with extension!) and still The Fake One (whoever he is) is still up in your blog?

    Anyway, even Google still has tons of The Fake One’s reflections in its cache. Read through some of his energetic (red) and happy (yellow) writings:

    And the Black Propaganda Backfires…Palpak to the Max!!!,” February 22, 2010

    Naging Mahirap: Twitching Shoulders and the Banyera,” March 13, 2010

    Presidentiable Tantrums? A Yellow Parade?,” March 25, 2010

    Mahirap Tanggapin Na Mahirap si Villar? Ano Pang BASURA ang itatapon nila?,” March 30, 2010

    …and his final post before he took down his blog:

    Noynoy’s Medical Record?,” April 8, 2010

    …The Fake One’s posts reeks of orange (red + yellow) stench…the Villar kind.


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