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The Next Vice President

April 11, 2010

It’s 30 days to E-Day.
Your Midfielder has sought, this past year, to patiently track how the men and women seeking to be our highest elected public servants are matching their sometimes overblown and always sugar-coated words with action.

Sadly very few make the grade.

The parameter is actually a no brainer: our next legitimately and popular elected leaders must be expected to unerringly walk their talk with the interests of the broad spectrum of Philippine society at right, front and center.

Pedigree is not enough.

Even track record, which is a snapshot of the candidate’s potential, is of little import until and unless the record is backstopped with a clear-sighted vision for the future.

But not just any future.

It has to be a vision, a platform, anchored on rebuilding our corruption- ridden institutions.

Many clam, with forked tongue wagging, that they come from the poor and are ‘champions of the poor’.

There are also those sweet-talking, slogan-spewingaspirants who photograph well and are able to shed tears with a finger click.

But look at them up close and peel away the sugar from their rhetoric and all you have are platitudes and lies.

The foregoing considered here’s my humble, considered viewview:

Manuel Araneta Roxas II is the only one qualified, and deserving, to be the next Vice President of the Republic.

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