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Time To Jump Ship?

April 12, 2010

The signs are so unmistakable that only those who refuse to see will not know it.

As Gloria Macapagal Arroyo enplaned early in the day for her final foreign journey as President, the floundering Lakas Kampi CMD lost two more key leaders of quite contrasting characters and political loyalties:

Mandaluyong City Rep. Neptali Gonzales:

My father, once upon a time, was a member of the Liberal Party. Dating back to the 60s. Our relationship with the Aquinos and the Roxases is something na hindi ko pwedeng talikuran. Magkukunyari pa ba ako? I will endorse somebody else when at the bottom of my heart, I support Noynoy and Mar? I am running unopposed. I only need 1 vote. I don’t need a party to win.It’s not easy to leave the party that has not done anything wrong. Wala naman akong masasbing masama sa Lakas.

House Speaker Prospero Nograles:

Hilong-hilo na kami sa nangyayari sa partido. Even as a senior officer of the party, I hardly know what’s happening because they make decisions without the courtesy of even briefing us. Kahit man lang tawag sana para hindi naman kami nagugulat sa mga lalabas na balita kinabukasan. Now what’s the use of being with the administration party? I don’t even get any text saying hi or hello from our party standard-bearer?

The administration party is out of control. It is in total disarray contrary to what is being bandied about in the media. I’m a senior party member and they only want to use me for their convenience? I think that is foul. I have been a good soldier but I also deserve some respect.

I might and I might not (join the Nacionalista Party). We can run the campaign of the Team Nograles without any help from any party, but I think that Manny Villar is a viable option because of his non-association with those involved in human rights violations in Davao City.

Gonzales and Nograles are just the latest political realists to abandon the sinking ship of the outgoing regime despite the fact that hurriedly formed coalition boasts of a standard bearer seen by many “as well qualified for the presidency.”

For Speaker Nograles to let it all hang out reveals how badly in disarray the administration party is.

Even Malacanang’s early release of congressmen’s pork barrel funds last week has not placated the restless in the party over how former defense secretary Gibo Teodoro’s lackluster numbers.

Don’t be surpised if still more departures from the administration party follow in the coming days.

On radio just minutes back, Lakas-Kampi-CMD spokesman Mike Toledo insisted that they are still sure of winning the election.

He didn’t say which election year he was referring to.

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