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Joey Salceda Reveals His True Colors As Lakas Weakens (Retitled, Updated)

April 15, 2010

I’m not at all surprised that financial wizard and Albay governor Joey Salceda has flown the coop.

Yes, you remember right.

He’s the same Joey Salceda who tagged his boss, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as “the luckiest bitch.”

He’s also the same Bicolano who vowed just a week ago that he’ll harness the entire Albay political machinery of Lakas-KAMPI-CMD to ensure that Gibo Teodoro becomes the Philippines’ 15th President.

Tapos na ang kanyang pagkukunwari (He’s done pretending).

Putting his economic pundit’s credibility on the line and invoking the Ateneo education that he shares with the Liberal Party standard bearer, Joey Salceda says a Noynoy Aquino presidency will bring the shot in the arm the Philippine economy needs.

Caught flatfooted yet again, the new Lakas-KAMPI-CMD chair Amelita Espinosa is slamming Salceda’s kawalan ng palabra de honor (lack of word of honor) to downplay the Albay governor’s desertion on the administration party.

Bu Villarosa, one of GMA’s favorite traveling companions is forgetting that Salceda’s is running unopposed for reelection in Albay and can potentially deliver the 3-million strong Bicolano vote to the Liberal Party.

Verily the stiff upper lip of Lakss-KAMPI-CMD is looking more bruised with each passing day.

Even former President Fidel V. Ramos voicing out his disgust over how the party he formed is succumbing to the winds of political change:

As if the departure from Lakas of Bicolandi’s top politician were not enough hurtful words were directed at Gibo Teodoro by House Speaker Prospero ‘Boy’ Nograles’

Nograles is practically frothing at the mouth:

Teodoro will be surprised to realize on May 10 that many of those who are staying behind for the sake of the party that are running for elective posts will also junk him in their sample ballots.

He will be surprised to realize on May 10 that many of those who are staying behind for the sake of the party that are running for elective posts will also junk him in their sample ballots. Although many members of the Lakas-Kampi-CMD may still appear to be toeing the line due to their love for the party and President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, many of them will not support Teodoro in the final days of the campaign. Teodoro has no right to say Lakas-Kampi members who have defected to other parties are trapo. Who is trapo? Was he not an NPC (Nationalist People’s Coalition) before he became Lakas? I have been a Lakas since I joined politics and I’m still Lakas up to now. So who’s the real trapo?  We don’t want to abandon Lakas but we don’t want Gibo. We will save Lakas but not Gibo. Mabibigo si Gibo and we know that. Those who are saying otherwise should enjoy their illusion while it last. The party will survive but I expect that Gibo shall have learned the lesson that you can win elections by burning bridges that he did not even build. We will regroup after May 10 and I’m confident that even those who have left the party will come back to the fold.

Gibo had his own surprise move today. He canceled campaign activities for two days to conduct what senior aides called “loyalty checks.”

One has to wonder how much of the administration party will be left when GMA returns from her valedictory trip abroad.

Not a few political jokesters are calling the administration candidate the unkind monicker of ‘Bigo’ Teodoro.


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