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Alberto Agra ‘Re-energized’

April 21, 2010

The embattled election lawyer-turned-justice secretary is back from Baguio’s cool clime.

So it’s not surprising that Atty. Alberto Agra’s tone is both confident, and strident, towards the state prosecutors opposed to his express resolution absolving two ranking Ampatuan clansmen in the mass murder of 57 civilians including 32 journalists in Maguindanao:.

In this case, silence ( of the President)means approval unless there’s an explicit directive to resign or report. I like to think wala akong ginagawang mali therefore walang dahilan para ako pagalitan, rebuff or tanggalin (I like to think I did nothing wrong, and therefore, there’s no reason for her to scold me, to rebuff me or to remove me from my post).”
“If they (the state prosecutors) don’t follow, I have the choice to assign other prosecutors or to impose administrative sanctions. But knowing myself, doon ako sa not antagonizing anyone (I would rather not antagonize anyone).

It seems Agra has also been re-energized by the fulsome praise showered on him by no other than Andal Ampatuan Jr. who told reporters he’s thankful that “there is still a public official with a sense of fairness and respect for our human rights as suspects.”!/pages/WE-CALL-ON-THE-RESIGNATION-OF-DOJ-SEC-ALBERTO-AGRA/112193712147598?ref=ts

Public disgust over Agra’s posture is roiling with Filipino netizens now harnessing even FaceBook to seek his resignation.

We are at an impasse.

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