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The MBC’s Look At The Polls

April 24, 2010

How will the business sector vote?

I’ll have to say up front that this is by no mean definitive as only 15% of the members participated in the survey.

Still we can get a sense.

The Makati Business Club’s latest survey shows the Liberal Party’s tandem of Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino and Sen. Mar Roxas dominating the field in the election now just two weeks away.

From its poll last December, Aquino got the nod of 61 percent of those surveyed, up 4 percentage points.

Lakas-Kampi-CMD standard-bearer Gilberto Teodoro is at second place with a 14 percent score, the same rating he got in the MBC’s December 2009 survey, followed by Nacionalista Party’s Sen. Manuel Villar with 7 percent.

Bagumbayan Party presidential bet Sen. Richard Gordon ended up at fourth place with 6 percent voter preference.

Former President Joseph Estrada, Ang Kapatiran Party’s JC de los Reyes, independent candidate Nicanor Perlas, and Bangon Pilipinas standard-bearer Eduardo Villanueva each got only 1 percent voter preference.

About 3 percent had no answer or were undecided on who to pick as president, the MBC said.

Roxas, Aquino’s running mate, likewise retained his spot at first place with 79 percent voter preference for vice president followed by Bagumbayan’s Bayani Fernando with a 12 percent score.

The writing on the wall is clear.

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