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Of New Witnesses And Express Exonerations: Agra And The Ampatuans

April 25, 2010

I have to admit I’m incredulous.

Malacanang says presidential alter ego Alberto Agra will now likely have to reconsider his precipitate (my adjective) exoneration of cousins Zaldy and Akmadl Ampatuan in the Maguindanao massacre.

That’s because a supposed ‘katiwala’ (house staffer) in the Ampatuan mansion in Sharif Aguak has shaken off his fear and is now fingering not just Zaldy and Akbar but even Andal Jr.

“Manong” may probably being telling the truth and perhaps his account may indeed be ‘new evidence’ that should sway Atty. Agra to painless correct his ‘express reversal’ of stat procutors’ finding of probable cause that led to a Quezon City court’s arraignment of the clansmen.

I’m just surprised at how the Ampatuans supposedly talked openly about their murderous plot with a house katiwala who wasn’t even part of the ‘killing posse’.

Nah, I still believe the clansmen are guilty.

But I’m not sure that the appearance of the ‘new witness’ has not been timed to help the former GMA election lawyer wiggle out of the tight fix he created for himself.

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