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The ‘DILG Survey’ And The ‘Rival’ 2010 Vote Counts

April 25, 2010

Interior and Local government Secretary Ronaldo Puno will deny this.

DILG ‘Survey’ (April 18 to 22 with 6,600 respondents and 2% margin of error:

The details of the supposed DILG internal dipstick come alongside the revelation that Teodoro’s successor to the defense portfolio, Mr. Norberto Gonzales, had this to say at a gathering of the Army’s battalion commanders:

O baka hindi nyo iboto si (You might not vote for) Villar because of these leftists (candidates of NP).

Gonzales also reportedly assured the Army officers that Villar had given his word that two of his (Villar) leftist senatorial candidates, Satur Ocampo and Lisa Maza, would not win in the forthcoming May 10 elections.

Teodoro’s reaction:

Kung tutoong sinabi iyon ni Secretary Gonzales nakakaalarma ‘yan (If the report is true that is alarming).

The emerging bits of information facts speak for themselves.

It may be too much to ask the outgoing regime to be truthful to us about its sordid machinations.

But this writer cannot help appreciating the details in the context of the Commission on Election’s stubborn refusal to undertake a parallel manual count of the May 10 vote despite the converging appeals of the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations, the Makati Business Club, the Management Association of the Philippines, the Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines (FINEX) and the National Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL) in urging that all votes for 3 key positions — president, vice-president and mayor to be counted manually.

Why is the COMELEC simply sweeping aside this snowballing sentiment by asserting that the  PCOS machines could be audited.

As I’ve previously  reported in this corner, a 2007 study by Princeton University scholars found how self-erasing malicious software inserted into automated vote tallying machines similar to the Smartmatic precinct count optical scanners can undertake automated vote-shaving and switching.

It is both puzzling, and suspicious, that the COMELEC refuses to recognize the validity of ballot audits to ensure that the people’s votes do not go to waste while time and motion studies show that a parallel manual count it will only take three hours to do so.

COMELEC claim that the parallel count will entail unnecessary added expenses is untenable given how it has generously let Smartmatic to corner the bid ticket contracts for supplying even the ballot boxes, ballot paper and even the logistics delivery arrangements.

Why does it refuse to spend public money for the parallel  manual count to check the accuracy of the system leased from its foreign supplier for the humongous gargantuan cost of P7.2-B.

Is COMELEC rejecting the manual count because the mechanism for automate cheating is in place?

Having the automated and manual tallies side by side can actually cancel out the cheaters.

Is this what the COMELEC is afraid of???

The commissioners and Smartmatic broke out the bubbly to supposedly celebrate the milestone of completing the printing of ballots several day ahead of schedule.

One wonders what else they were raising their glasses for?

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