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Gibo ‘Winning’ According to CIG PR Survey

April 26, 2010

There are surveys,  and then there are surveys – the former being the kind conducted by experts with known and verifiable academic credentials and affiliation with long standing institutions having track records in such fields as marketing research, statistical analysis, and opinion polling.

The latter type of surveys is the kind whose operations package results that are tailor-fit to client image marketing goals and public relations parameters.

Why am making these distinctions, you ask?

That’s because netizens are engaged in a lively debate over which dipsticks they can rely on to make informed decisions about which ticket to voe for with Vote 2010 just 14 days to go and counting.

Did you know that there is one ‘survey’ that actually has administration standard bearer Gibo Teodoro actually leading the pack?

Here’s the data supposedly gathered by the little-known entity called ‘CIG’ or Campaigns and Image Group that supposedly polled 2,550 people.

The demographics and geographic spread of the ‘survey’ is unknown but it has the following tally:

Teodoro is in first at 25% followed by Villar at 23% and Aquino is running 3rd with 17%.

The CIG survey has former president Estrada in 4th place, 21% undecided and the balance going to other candidates.

Campaigns & Image Group is headed by a certain Aniceto “Abbey” Canturias.

Malaya columnist Ellen Tordesillas gave this backgrounder of Canturias in a recent story:

… Canturias is no stranger in market research. In 1991, he, along with newspaper publishers and editors, formed the Campaigns & Image Group. Through his PR management, Canturias worked in the successful vice presidential bid of Sen. Joseph Estrada in 1992. He also was Visayas Bureau chief of The Manila Times from October 1999 to March 2001 and editor in chief of The Freeman Mindanao from August 1995 until September 1999.”

This is how Canturias describes the work his company does:

My name’s Aniceto Abbey Canturias. I own and manage Campaigns & Image Consulting -known as The Campaigns & Image/Tools & Strategy Group”-which is the first and only integrated marketing communications and politico-economic issue interception company in the central Philippines, with Philippine Department of Trade and Industry Certificate of Registration No. 5232.

Spearheaded by my wife Cecille and me, the Campaigns & Image Group is a dynamic, colorful mixture of interesting personalities–work-at-home moms and dads, retired professionals, and currently employed executives in both medium- and small-sized companies in central Philippines. In-between the uniqueness of every group member stands united seven men and three women pursuing one fundamental objective – to be the best at what we do.

Most of the clients that kept subscribing to our business plan writing and marketing communications services had been with us since Day 1, and that surely says a lot about how we take care of them. We have worked on practically every business-related subject there is under the sun, from audits and financial analysis to market summaries and exit strategies, from company press releases to product and service descriptions, from web content copywriting to buyer acquisition campaigns.Name it, we’ve gone through it.

At the Campaigns & Image Group we just keep our focus. And most significantly, we just continue to do the things that render us happy, and that is providing you the best we could in every way we can.

Our financial analysts, business development specialists, copywriters, web developers, and SEO engineers make things easier for you not because you pay us to do so but because that is what we are committed to do.”

Forthright enough.

But I wonder whether this mishmash brief doesn’t cast doubt on the objective character that must be at the core of genuine opinion surveys rather than the goal of PR and client satisfaction.

You won’t find me forming a beeline for CIG’s services.


Oh there’s second ‘survey’ that Teodoro topped and here the voting is surly unassailable:

2 Comments leave one →
  1. sayitagainamigo permalink
    April 28, 2010 11:18 pm

    It occurs to me that SWS and Pulse Asia are NOT polling; they’re setting the trend to confine the electoral contest in two candidates only. To me that’s shameful. Sinister!

  2. katzenjammel permalink
    April 29, 2010 11:50 am

    Hiieya sayitagain:
    You’re right. SWS and Pulse Asia are trending and rooting for Noynoy Aquino. Truth is, both companies have blood relatives of the Aquinos in their respective board of directors. Antonio Cojuangco and Baby Aquino Lopa. Whatta shame!

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