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Descent Into Madness: The Latest Nacionalista Blackprop Stunt

April 28, 2010

A feeling of déjà vu that makes you want to puke or inflict extreme prejudice upon the authors of this latest black lie of the 2010 electoral campaign.

What make this a most dastardly act of sloppy deception is when Ignacio Bunye did the stunt at least he was in  office.

As press secretary of a president who confessed a “lapse in judgment”, he was expected to peddle the ‘Hello Garci’ tapes as part of his job.

But this guy Guido Delgado is something else.

As former president of the National Power Corporation, he’s been leading the ‘Mindanao Against Darkness’ group that’s been credibly speaking out about the Arroyo administration’s failure to anticipate and plan ways of addressing the massive power deficit in Mindanao.

But he lost all that credibility by agreeing to be the puppet who fished out the latest bogux report on Noynoy Aquino’s mental health.

Sen. Manny Villar even called a news conference to distance himself from Guido only to have his ‘issues adviser’ take ownership of the stunt.

This letter from Fr. Jaime C. Bulatao, whose signature was forged by the muckrakers, exposes the latest lie from the Nacionalistas.

It has come to my attention that an unverified ‘psychiatric evaluation’ allegedly signed by me in 1979 about the mental condition of Senator Benigno C. Aquino 3rd is currently circulating in the news. I categorically deny having written and signed that report.

But I am now thinking that the desperation of Guido Delgado’s bosses in the Nacionalista Party has morphed into madness.

Faced with what political analysts see as “a landslide loss” to the Liberal Party, they’ve now thrown in the kitchen sink.

How else can you call dragging the respected name of an 89-year-old Jesuit into political muck:


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