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Of Kingmaking, Ticket-splitting and Other Cheesy Antics

April 29, 2010

Francis Escudero’s illusions of being a kingmaker are over.

Coming his senses, Sen. Noynoy Aquino has junked the Chiz’s cheesy stunt of  pushing that so-called Noy-Bi ticket as a way of splitting the winning Aquino-Roxas tandem (that looks set to score sa landslide victory) and making mayor Jojo abandon President Erap.

After letting Escudero float his ill-considered proposal, Noynoy Aquino has made clear:

Gusto ko iliwanag, sa akin kandidato ko kaisa-isa kong partner sa laban na ito, si Mar, dahil sigurado akong ipagpatuloy niya kung sakaling di ko kayanin (I want to make it clear that I have only one candidate and one partner in this fight, and that is Mar, because I am certain he will finish what I have begun).

Escudero’s ‘pakulo’ and Binay’s admitted funding for that ill-conceptualized “ang bise president ko ay may Bi” ads has exposed these two ambitious individuals as out and out ‘trapos’ in the absolute sense that their brand of opportunist politicking and mind bending are best discarded like dirty rags.

Go ahead Senator Chiz, begin prepping for your 2016 candidacy under the Chiz-Bi ticket or more likely Bi-Keso, Bi-Ko for short.

Start drawing up you campaign ad story board, “Ang Bi Ko, Lasang Keso”.

How do you think that will taste?

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